Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Babies, mountains and more

1. Some good friends of ours (Riley and Allison) have been married for 8 years and being trying almost just as long to have a baby. They finally put there names down at LDS family services and found out a few months ago that they were getting a baby boy. He was born 2 Saturdays ago, on September 29th, weighing 7 pnds 1 ounce and 18 1/2 inches long. They were able to pick him up on Tuesday October 2nd and bring him home. They named him Ethan Riley and he looks just like them. We had a baby shower for them last night, and it was such a joy to see such two wondeful people finally recieve the blessing that they have been waiting so long for. He looks just like them too, and loves his mommy so much. He is precious and we are overjoyed that they now have a new wonderful little spirit in their home.

2. We hiked Red Rock Canyon here in Vegas and had a blast. It was nice to be able to go out into nature and enjoy its beauty. (as much as can be found in the desert) Landon did not make it too long in the pack so we let him walk around, which was hard on the rock and stone and with cactuses all around. But he liked it and kept laughing when we would pick him up and lift him over the rocks. He liked to try and climb the "mountains". It really was amazing and comforting to see natures beauty and to read about how the sand stone and red rock was created. It also made us think about and talk about the Salt Lake temple and to realize how hard it must have been for them to cut and move the stone used to build the temple. Thank you for doing that and creating such a beautiful house of God for us.

Roaming off on his own.Believe it or not, the first cactus we have seen up close since living here. Contemplating life!!!This reminded me of the two talking rocks from The Neverending Story. Noah went up and talked to them, but they did not talk back so it must have not been them. :O)

3. Landon loves his boots from his Mimi, his house built out of a box from his carseat, the container that his fake food came in, the camera case, moms ribbon, and many other things that were not "meant" to be toys. It constantly amazes me and fills me with wonder at how many things he loves to play with and finds enjoyable. He is so much fun to watch and see him grow.

The diaper cake I made for Allison for her shower. (second one Ive made and it defenitely looks better then the last one, sorry Tara, I tried.)


mikensi.jung said...

oh my! i can't believe i haven't been keeping up! good thing you didn't post much from where i left off! ;) i love your page and your new pictures! esp that cuuuute new family pic where ya'll are just having fun and laughing. it's too fun! yeah, we just have to keep attacking the ants until we win the battle. :)

Bill and Tara said...

I really like the layout and the colors of your blog, looks good! Your pictures make me miss that area! I'm coming to visit next spring, so I'll get to see those beautiful red rocks soon enough! Landon kills me, he is so stinkin cute! I love his little bum! So fun Aurie, and you guys look great too!