Saturday, October 27, 2007

My latest and.......greatest? craft projects

So here they are, my latest craft projects, the ones that have made my fingers unidenifiable. :O)

They have been lots of fun making and I hope you enjoy them, maybe get some ideas of your own, or get in the crafty spirit. :O) (more pics to come when my unfinished projects are finished.) I bought the board at Micheals and painted it and bought a little ghost and painted him then I wrote on my saying and used little ghost stickers for the baby ghosts. Its hanging on our front door!
I bought a long board at Lowes and had them cut it to size and then I roughed it up a bit to give it the rough look them I painted it and even though you cant see it in the picture sanded some of it to give it the rustic look, then I added on vinyl letters that I bought online. Hangin in dining room!
This one was easy and too cute I think and I have two more in the house, Ill take pictures of them later. I bought the tile at Lowes for about a dollar and then I got vinyl lettering to fit a tile and rubbed it on. Easy and fun!

I bought a long piece of squared wood at Lowes and had them cut it down to several sizes, I then sanded them down to be smooth and rounded all the edges then I painted them with several coats and attached my vinyl letters. I have one for Thanksgiving and Ill take a picture when I put it out. The Little leaf guys are just foam cut outs in little flower pots attached with dowles and little faces drawn on with some embelishments (ribbon and beads) they also have clothes pins on the back so I can attached pictures to them.
These were also fun but a lot of work, just because I am picky and wanted it just right. Again the wood is Lowes, cut down and sanded, then I painted several coats on and hand sanded it till it was all the same texture. Even though you can not see it in the picture I rough up and removed the color from around the edges till the wood showed through in places and then I attached some more vinyl lettering.... can you tell I like the vinyl lettering.
I bought the scarecrows and the basket at walmart. I got a foam ball and shaved it down to fit then I got a bunch of little fall looking pins and decorations and arranged then around and either stuck them in or hot glued them in, depending on what they were, then I stuck in my scarecrows, I like it because I can take the scarecrows out for easy storage.
This is above our front door, inside the house. I bought the board at Micheals, painted it (a black underneath and then a litle tan over the top) I painted it two colors and sanded it so that it would have more depth and a better finish, its hard to tell in the picture. And then again applied the tried and true VINYL LETTERING!!!!
I bought the letters and the little "ghouls and goblins" at Micheals, painted them, attached the letters and bat with wireing then tied on the ribbon painted my little friends and hot glued them to the letters. It was lots of fun and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Hope you enjoy! HAppY FaLL!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall is FINALLY here!

I love fall, everything about fall. I love the smell of fall, the colors of fall, the beautiful multi colored leaves. I love bundling up in pjs and watching a good movie on TV and crawling into a cold bed and curling up until I warm up. I love burning candles and have the fragrance fill up the house. I love soups and stews and chili, and how they warm you up. I love the crisp smell in the air and the cool breezes. I love getting into the car and turning up the heat to get warm. I love long sleeves and sweat shirts and finally have a reason to wear them and not good looks like Im crazy. I really love the fact that now here in Vegas its not 110 degrees out.

I wish we lived somewhere that was really four seasons. We are trying to get stationed in either Illinois or Ohio (four seasons and snow at Christmas here we come). Hopefully it will happen sooner rather then later.

This month has been busy and hectic planning for the holidays and getting everything ready. I have been making Holiday crafts like crazy (mental note to myself, post some pictures) I have been having a blast. I discovered sanding and panting and building lately and the tips of my fingers on my right hand now have no distinguishable prints.... poor little fingers....... but the crafts were so much fun and so worth it. We also went to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins, Landon found one for himself and so we brought that home and Noah and I got a mommy pumpkin, they are both too little to carve so we are going to paint them tommorow and carve the bigger one. We also went to a Chili cook off at church and had a blast. Landon was running all over getting into everything but looking oh so cute while he did it. I am just so glad that the holidays are finally here, looking forward to many cherishable memories.

Me cooking Noahs favorite soup, Zuppa Toscana!!!! (so glad that its getting cold out and we can warm up our insides with some soup.)

Landon has a "house" in his room made out of a box and when he saw this box he thought he could get into it. He spent a good solid 5 minutes trying to get in there. He just did not understand that once in there it will not get bigger. He was not getting frustrated though, which was so sweet. By the time I realized what a goof I was for not taking a picture I ran to get the camera and when I got back he was done trying, I told him "oh man I wanted a picture of that." He repeated back to me "oh man!" and went to the box to try one more time and get me a photo op. Sweet kid!! His new thing is "oh no!" We went to the doctor the other day and she told him he had a rash and he looked at her and said "OH NO!"
Double binkie action!!!! I guess one just isnt enough!
Our pumpkin picking endeavor! :O)
All Landon wanted to do was sit on it!!! He sits on everything, the dog, blocks, shoes, the diaper bag, and thing he sees!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Babies, mountains and more

1. Some good friends of ours (Riley and Allison) have been married for 8 years and being trying almost just as long to have a baby. They finally put there names down at LDS family services and found out a few months ago that they were getting a baby boy. He was born 2 Saturdays ago, on September 29th, weighing 7 pnds 1 ounce and 18 1/2 inches long. They were able to pick him up on Tuesday October 2nd and bring him home. They named him Ethan Riley and he looks just like them. We had a baby shower for them last night, and it was such a joy to see such two wondeful people finally recieve the blessing that they have been waiting so long for. He looks just like them too, and loves his mommy so much. He is precious and we are overjoyed that they now have a new wonderful little spirit in their home.

2. We hiked Red Rock Canyon here in Vegas and had a blast. It was nice to be able to go out into nature and enjoy its beauty. (as much as can be found in the desert) Landon did not make it too long in the pack so we let him walk around, which was hard on the rock and stone and with cactuses all around. But he liked it and kept laughing when we would pick him up and lift him over the rocks. He liked to try and climb the "mountains". It really was amazing and comforting to see natures beauty and to read about how the sand stone and red rock was created. It also made us think about and talk about the Salt Lake temple and to realize how hard it must have been for them to cut and move the stone used to build the temple. Thank you for doing that and creating such a beautiful house of God for us.

Roaming off on his own.Believe it or not, the first cactus we have seen up close since living here. Contemplating life!!!This reminded me of the two talking rocks from The Neverending Story. Noah went up and talked to them, but they did not talk back so it must have not been them. :O)

3. Landon loves his boots from his Mimi, his house built out of a box from his carseat, the container that his fake food came in, the camera case, moms ribbon, and many other things that were not "meant" to be toys. It constantly amazes me and fills me with wonder at how many things he loves to play with and finds enjoyable. He is so much fun to watch and see him grow.

The diaper cake I made for Allison for her shower. (second one Ive made and it defenitely looks better then the last one, sorry Tara, I tried.)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grateful, miracles, and simple pleasures

During Conference today Henry B. Eyring spoke about writing things down. It really hit home for me and as the day progressed I noticed more of the things around me that I am thankful for and I decided that since this blog is really my "jornaling" if you can call it that and since as of this moment I dont have a journal, that I would try to write down everyday the things that I noticed through out the day that put a smile on my face, made me feel happy and loved, or that touch me in some way. So here goes, I am going to shoot for 5 at the least, should be easy enough, because I feel very blessed so here goes:

1.I was outside playing in the back yard with Landon and Noah and Noah made a comment about the grass. I took off my sandals and layed my bare feet on the ground and just relaxed and let the cool feeling on the grass caress my feet. It was so peaceful and heart warming, to know that even in a place like Las Vegas, which I do not like, that I could find peace in the small simple things that God has created for us.

2. Watching conference and getting as much out of it as I could with a 1 year old pulling at my pants and arms and hair. Being able to sustain a new general authority and a new member of the quorom of the twelve and of the seventy. Knowing that this is the true church on this earth and that we do have modern day revelation, that we are guided and directed by a true prophet of God on this earth.

3. Eating a big breakfast and a big dinner, with two wonderful couples (Sunny and John, and Kirsten and John) and their children (Maren, soon to be Eliza, and Ila) whom we love so much. To be able to share in the joys of the gosple with people of the same faith. To watch our children play together and watch them learn and grow together.

4. To get such wonderful sweet kisses from my beautiful son, one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever been given, and a true light and joy in my life. To ask Landon for a kiss and him come running to give it to me. Or to be sitting there and him run up out of the blue with his mouth wide open ready to give me a kiss. He has been so cuddly lately and today started giving hugs when asked. He gave Maren one and me one and Noah one out of nowhere, it was precious and truly showed me how sweet these spirits so fresh from God are.

5. Two whole days in a row where Noah and I have been able to take a nap together while Landon is napping, (a rariety in this house). To be able to relax enough, and not worry about the house, or dinner or cleaning, long enough to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like cuddling with my husband and falling asleep in his arms.

6. 3 days running where Annabelle has not peed or pooped in the house.

7. Taking a Landon free shower after he was in bed, only the second one in a month and a half. Man does that kid love the shower.

8. Eating home made cookies (that I did not make) that were wheat free. Sunny made them for us and they were so yummy. Kirsten made us wheat free bread, pie and lasagna last Sunday, and Sunny the cookies today, its so nice to know that our friends love us a care about us enough to hunt down wheat free recipes and go through the trouble of making them for us.

9. Finally its fall and I can start burning my fall smelling candles. Every fall it amazes me how our house seems to be so much more relaxing and inviting just simply by buring a candle. I am going to have to find some candles that do that same thing to burn all year, (we will see if it does the same thing.) :O)

10. All three of us in our house and all of our family being in good health.

(lots more but Noah is waiting for me to go to bed.) :O)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cowboy Boots and camo pants!!! wait no pants!

Landons mimi sent him some cowboy boots a while back and they finally fit him. For the last two days he has brought them to me first thing in the morning and keeps them on the whole day. He does not want to take them off. He loves them!!!
He has also gotten to where some times when I say its time for nap or time to change your diaper, he will come and lay down on the floor in front of me and wait. He does not wait too long, but he does wait for a few seconds.
He also loves the outdoors and wants to be outside all day, when the door ever opens no matter where he is in the house he will hear it and come running and then cry when you dont let him out, thank goodness we has a gate around our porch and a fence in our back yard, so he cant escape, but Annabelle can through the gate, so we have to chase her down. :O(
Landon also claps about everything. He has a movie where at the end two penguins race and stands there every time claping and squealing for the penguins. Its precious! He will also build up blocks and knock them over and then clap, fill up baskets and dump them out and then clap. He claps for everything and loves it when you clap for him. If he has fallen and is not sure weither to cry or get up and go on, if we just clap he will smile and clap too then get up and be fine.
Well hope you enjoy, its been a bit since Ive given and update so I figured I would. :O)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The many faces of Landon!!!

I thought I would throw in a bit of our day to day craziness!!! Lots and lots of outfits, and getting into things. Landon is crying right now and really wants mommy cuddles so I am going to give it to him. Enjoy the pics!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random as can be!

Here are just some random pictures we have taken over the last few weeks.
These two above were taken at a petting zoo here is Vegas. Landon had a blast, a friend of ours has most the pictures on her camera these are the best I had, but he petted a goat, a sheep, a pig and a duck.

His new back pack. We got it at Airmans attic and he takes that thing every where with him, he cries when it falls down and then he drags it everywhere.
One of Landons halloween costumes, not sure which we will use!!! Too cute though
Landon and daddy eating pizza at the big boy table for daddies birthday.

Landon loves his tickle me elmo!!!

My friend in Alabama, Amy, bought Landon an Alabama shirt, and sent it too him, so we took some pictures of him in it to show.
Landon brings us his shoes to put on and when we put them on he goes to the door and is ready to go and tries to open it and then tells us bye bye and waves to us.

Landons "crocs" that his mimi sent.

Landon and Noah love to play catch together in the back yard
After I got my eyes dialated Landon wanted to wear the glasses they give you. He wore them off and on most of the day.
He love to climb on here. Just the other day however he fell off of it and now has a big bump and bruise on his head. Scared his mommy and daddy to death.