Thursday, September 20, 2007

Volleyball, Back Packs and Gold Fish trails

So church volleyball games offically started today and I, yes I, am the coach. why me you ask? because I get stuck with everything. :O) I love volleyball so its fun. But our poor young women only had one girl show up.:O( I felt so bad for her ,she was so cute and so sweet, I was glad she came. Our adult women however had about 14 ladies, so most of us road the bench. :O) It was best 2 out of 3 so we purposely lost the second game so we could play a third, are we bad or what? and then another ward only had two ladies show up so some of us stayed to play with them. I also refed some of the YW volleyball games and talk about getting yelled at by coaches. COME ON, I know what Im doing and Im not being too hard on them. :o) I remember playing volleyball as a Young Woman and we were hard core, these poor girls had no clue, but they were just too cute and realy trying. :O)
Anyway, so Landon got a back pack today and we walked to the park, played and walked home and he refused to let me take his back pack off, he kept getting mad at it every time it would slid down his shoulder. He also had two fists full of goldfish crackers and refused to eat them or drop them. I was so proud of him though because he walked all the way to the park and back with the back pack on by himself and its a long walk especially for such a little guy.
Yesterday when we went on our walk Landon left us a trail of gold fishies too, every few feet he would drop one and watch it Land, he was making sure we could find our way home. Words can not even express how much fun Landon is and how much we love him. He is so smart and so talkative and so busy, he is an amazing kid. We are so lucky. I will have to post pictures of his back pack here soon. :O)


Bill and Tara said...

I miss that ward! You didn't tell me, are you in YW now? And that is so cute about Landon, it's amazing how their little brains process things, and it make total sense to them! Of course he would leave a trail of goldfish, it's logical. :)

mikensi.jung said...

that makes you sound old. you're in YWs again. dang, gina.

The Jenkins Family said...

not in YW, but no one in YW would coach the girls, and since Im coaching the women I got the YW too. they really are too cute!