Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Silly, Dirty Boy

We had a funny experience happen yesterday that I thought I would share. Noah went to get Landon up yesterday morning and changed his diaper and thought it would be funny to let Landon run naked into our bedroom where I was finishing up my morning reading, needless to say I put my book down to grab the little naked man but as soon as I did he ran to the foot of the bed, squated and I could tell right away that he was trying to poop, Noah and I both realized it at the same time and ran for Landon Noah got there first and picked him up and ran him to the bathroom and set him on the toliet, it really scared Landon though and he cried on the toliet till I came and he huged me and then he was fine but however all the pooping had been accomplished on the floor in our bed room and in the newly carpeted hallway. We had two little piles in our room and thankful the last little pile in the hallway hit right at the opening to the bathroom and barely missed the carpet. We were laughing so hard, because we had just been talking about how so far in his diaperless adventures we had yet to have to clean up any messes, guess we can't say that now. Later that day he added to the adventure by peeing in the hallway right after his shower. He was running down the hallway peeing as he went, guess he is not ready to potty train yet. :O)
On another note he is cutting 5 (yes I said 5) more teeth all at the same time. Not so much fun for the poor guy. He now has ten, four on the bottom front and four in the top front with a molar up top on both sides and he is cutting all four K9 teeth as well as a molar on the bottom. Just thought we would share. Hope you get a kick out of him as much as we do.

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