Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Play that funky music white boy...and... DANCE!!!!

Landon loves to dance, and so does Noah, well we all do really. Noah had me find "his song" on the net and then he and Landon danced to it, I thought it was too cute, I had to record it.

Landon is desperatly trying to cut the rest of his teeth, he has the two tops mollars finally through but he is still working on all 4 K9s and 2 bottom mollars, he has bubbles almost like cold soars where the teeth are trying to come through, it looks very painful, cutting teeth can not be fun.

I am busy busy gettin ready for the holidays, working on craft projects, sewing up blankets for Landon, and trying desperatly to get caught up with all my "unfinished" crafts. I am also painting animals on Landons walls, so fun. So when I am done with all of that I will post some pics. ;O)

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