Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mamas little helper. :O)

Landon is my big helper. When I am doing the laundry he will bring it from the basket to the washer for me, he walks behind me and will grab the littest thing and then follow me to the washer and hand it to me. We repeat this until there is none let and then he will go stand at the basket or hamper and in then look at me as if to say, "nope none left." Its so much fun! He also as you can see helps me with vaccuuming. He loves to come and grab the vaccuum from me and push or pull it around. He also has a vaccuum of his own that he pulls around with me, but as soon as Noah got the camera out to capture one of the times, Landon dropped his vaccuum and ran. We have a bigger vaccuum but Landon can not handle it so we use the lighter weight one, ah the things we do for our kids. :O)

Noah was watching Landon one day and Landon kept brining him things to put on him. First he brought him one of his ties, so Noah put that on him then he brought him a shoe to put him as well. Noah said he walked around for about 15 minutes with the two of them on before he came back to Noah to have him take them off. He was trying to do it by himself but finally had to go for help.:O)

On a cute side note, I fixed some home made wheat free cinnamon raisin bread last night and Landon had some with breakfast this morning. He just found a piece that he had not eaten yet and was walking around with it. He went outside and came back in with something in his mouth and Noah asked him if he was still eating bread or if he had a rock in his mouth. Landon then grabbed/spit the rock into his hand and turned around and threw it out the door, as if saying to Noah "No dad there is nothing in there." Such a silly kid.

Here is just a short video of Landon vaccuuming for me. He is also dancing while vaccuuming as you can see. The kid sure does love to shake it!!!


mikensi.jung said...

What a cute kid! Enjoyed the video. Hey, I added you on my blogspot page. Now you can see my updates and I can see yours. :) I'm just getting into this blogspot thang.

Bill and Tara said...

SOOOOO PRECIOUS!!! That is just too cute! He is on his way to being your biggest helper. I love when helping mommy is actually FUN for them. It doesn't last I'm afraid. :)