Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor day fun and Jammin!!!

The first are just some random pictures of Landon I have taken in the last week or so, pictures that I thought were cute!!! Landon is getting more and more vocal every day, picking up on new things and learning new tasks. He has been going to the fridge and saying Aurie until we open it and then he points to whatever he wants, usually a pickle or milk when he is ready for a nap. He has also learned how to put things back into there container, he will dump it out, and then pick it up and put it back in. He has a little baseball basket that he has been carrying around and putting things into, like lip gloss, blocks, remotes, keys, bottles, movies, and books, basically anything he can get his hands on, (which usually results in him hiding somthing and use looking for it for days, and then one day out of nowhere he will have it again.) He has also learned that standing on his tippy toes and holding something long and trying to hit the far off or high up object that he wants with it will usually result in his getting something he knows he is not supposed to have. Smart kid! He will look at you when he knows he is not supposed to do something, and usually will say "no" or "no way" and then get it anyway, testing the waters. His new word or rather phrase is "no way." I asked him one day if he loved his mommy and he said "no way" and took of running looking behind him to see if I was following, he loves to be chased so he will antagonize you until you follow. Such a totally wonderful little goof ball.

This is what he does when he is dancing, he puts his ball in the hoop and then starts jamming out.
Landon had his towel wrapped around him like a big boy after he got out of the shower.
Landon and Maren jumping on the bed. She is nine months older then Landon.
These next few pictures are of the BBQ we had at our house for Labor day. We had four of our couple friends and their kids over and cooked out, we had a lot of fun and it was a nice evening for it. The kids really enjoyed the watermelon and made a total mess but they had fun and liked it so us Moms just laughed and enjoyed it right along with them. When Landon was done he ran off to play and got dirt in the sticky watermelon juice on him, and by the time I caught up with him he looked like he had no home. :O) One of our friends said "For just .50 cents a day you can give this child a better life." It was very funny.

Ila was feeding Annabelle some watermelon.
Maren another one of Landons "girlfriends" (the one he is jumping on the bed with)

Ila is a day younger then Landon. Isn't she a cutie too? (Landons other girlfriend, I know he is a pimp isn't he? Just kidding.)

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Bill and Tara said...

What a personality! He is really developing! I love that video of him at 5 mo. He was the same age Eddie is now. I have a hard time imagining Eddie at 1 yr. I know it's coming. I just have to laugh at some of the silly and cute things Landon is doing! I'll tell you, with a start like that, it's just uphill from now on. :) Josh seems to have a never-ending supply of cute, sly, or silly things to make us smile. I love it!