Monday, September 10, 2007

Hawaii #2

Okay so the second and maybe last batch of pictures. Totally dont want to overwhelm yall but Ive had lots of requests for ALL our hawaii pictures so Im giving you the ones Ive got. The above is me and my new "man" at the Hard Rock cafe, Noah wanted me to kiss it, I thought it would be funnier if he did it but he said no so I got stuck doing it.
This was taken while we were on the temple grounds, it sprinkled for like 2 minutes and then this beautiful rainbow appeared. It made me think of my favorite song from when I was a kid from church. "I like to look for rainbows, whenever it has rained and marvel at the beauty of an earth made clean again, I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain." I thought it was very fitting for this picture. Amazing!
GODZILLA IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!! (jk) This was a farm where A TON of movies and TV shows were filmed, it was neat to go there and see all of these things, this was one of the left overs from teh Movie Godzilla, it was originally ten feet deep but the cows kept falling in it at night so they had to fill it in a bit.
Thought this was so cute, see the little toliet paper stuck to his foot? He had gotten into the bathroom and made a mess and then we saw him walking across the room with some toliet paper on his foot. So precious! Got to love him.
We tried to go on a walk every night because it was so beautiful and peaceful, Landon loved it.
Just had to throw this in, I think he is soooo Handsome. :O)
Noah had fun burying Landon in the sand and Landon sat there and let his daddy do it, it was funny. After he was done, Landon managed to get his toes out and then he leaned over to eat them and got a mouth full of sand, he then laughed.

This was the under ground hot house where they cooked the Pig for the Luau, oh I would love to go back there and get some of that.... so good~~~
When we were walking the temple grounds one of the female missionaries came and told us that Elder Uchtdorf was walking the temple grounds as well, so we went and found him and talked to him for a bit. It was so neat to meet an Apostle of the Lord. He was such an amazing man, and so nice, this was the highlight of our trip. :O)

Hunama Bay, you can snorkle right there with the fish, it is very neat , I did it as a young girl, but we did not get to do it this time, because I was a dork and forgot to bring cash with us when we went there, and they did not take and credit or debit cards (come on who does that?) So we just enjoyed the view.
This was also on the farm where all the movies are filmed this is where the plans flew over Josh Hartnet in Pearl Harbor. It was beautiful, look at the waves breaking in the background, Great spot to surf (so I hear).
Ride em horsey~~~ Landon loved this, he is such a goof.
Landon found his love for showers when we were in Hawaii, when we got back from the beach each time we would shower right out front and strip him down, now the kid cant get enough of the shower at home.
The likelike hwy. Noah said it is so nice they named it twice. (had to throw this in here, we got a kick out of it)

The first day there, we went to the Hard Rock cafe, some good eatin thats for sure. Cant quit figure out what Landons looking at. :O)
Momma and here big man walking in the maze, getting ready to get so very lost. :O)
The clock that was takin from the USS Oklahoma, when the Japanesse bombed pearl harbor, the Oklahoma and Arizona sunk right away and this clock stopped right when the ships suck only 5 minutes after the attacks began. Such a sombering thought.
Chasing Landon around in the middle of the maze. Landon lovses to be chased.
Landon is slowly mastering stairs. He loves to climb them but he scares me and Im so worried he is going to fall, but Ive got to let him do his thing. :O) He is growing up and I have to deal with it (sniff sniff).
Okay so there are a few more pictures, Ill put them up later, I dont want to bombard yall, so stay tuned.

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Bill and Tara said...

HOW FUN!!!!! You guys just made so many fun memories. I regret that we did not go there when we had the chance, I think it's important for you to take every advantage and oportunity you can while in the Air Force. I'm happy for you that you got to go and get a break from "real life", Landon looks like he had quite the experience as well. :) How did he do on the plane over there?