Thursday, September 20, 2007

Volleyball, Back Packs and Gold Fish trails

So church volleyball games offically started today and I, yes I, am the coach. why me you ask? because I get stuck with everything. :O) I love volleyball so its fun. But our poor young women only had one girl show up.:O( I felt so bad for her ,she was so cute and so sweet, I was glad she came. Our adult women however had about 14 ladies, so most of us road the bench. :O) It was best 2 out of 3 so we purposely lost the second game so we could play a third, are we bad or what? and then another ward only had two ladies show up so some of us stayed to play with them. I also refed some of the YW volleyball games and talk about getting yelled at by coaches. COME ON, I know what Im doing and Im not being too hard on them. :o) I remember playing volleyball as a Young Woman and we were hard core, these poor girls had no clue, but they were just too cute and realy trying. :O)
Anyway, so Landon got a back pack today and we walked to the park, played and walked home and he refused to let me take his back pack off, he kept getting mad at it every time it would slid down his shoulder. He also had two fists full of goldfish crackers and refused to eat them or drop them. I was so proud of him though because he walked all the way to the park and back with the back pack on by himself and its a long walk especially for such a little guy.
Yesterday when we went on our walk Landon left us a trail of gold fishies too, every few feet he would drop one and watch it Land, he was making sure we could find our way home. Words can not even express how much fun Landon is and how much we love him. He is so smart and so talkative and so busy, he is an amazing kid. We are so lucky. I will have to post pictures of his back pack here soon. :O)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mamas little helper. :O)

Landon is my big helper. When I am doing the laundry he will bring it from the basket to the washer for me, he walks behind me and will grab the littest thing and then follow me to the washer and hand it to me. We repeat this until there is none let and then he will go stand at the basket or hamper and in then look at me as if to say, "nope none left." Its so much fun! He also as you can see helps me with vaccuuming. He loves to come and grab the vaccuum from me and push or pull it around. He also has a vaccuum of his own that he pulls around with me, but as soon as Noah got the camera out to capture one of the times, Landon dropped his vaccuum and ran. We have a bigger vaccuum but Landon can not handle it so we use the lighter weight one, ah the things we do for our kids. :O)

Noah was watching Landon one day and Landon kept brining him things to put on him. First he brought him one of his ties, so Noah put that on him then he brought him a shoe to put him as well. Noah said he walked around for about 15 minutes with the two of them on before he came back to Noah to have him take them off. He was trying to do it by himself but finally had to go for help.:O)

On a cute side note, I fixed some home made wheat free cinnamon raisin bread last night and Landon had some with breakfast this morning. He just found a piece that he had not eaten yet and was walking around with it. He went outside and came back in with something in his mouth and Noah asked him if he was still eating bread or if he had a rock in his mouth. Landon then grabbed/spit the rock into his hand and turned around and threw it out the door, as if saying to Noah "No dad there is nothing in there." Such a silly kid.

Here is just a short video of Landon vaccuuming for me. He is also dancing while vaccuuming as you can see. The kid sure does love to shake it!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

Landons laughter is so contagious. I love to hear him laugh. His laugh brightens up a room and lifts your spirits. We are so blessed to have such a remarkable little man.

Play that funky music white boy...and... DANCE!!!!

Landon loves to dance, and so does Noah, well we all do really. Noah had me find "his song" on the net and then he and Landon danced to it, I thought it was too cute, I had to record it.

Landon is desperatly trying to cut the rest of his teeth, he has the two tops mollars finally through but he is still working on all 4 K9s and 2 bottom mollars, he has bubbles almost like cold soars where the teeth are trying to come through, it looks very painful, cutting teeth can not be fun.

I am busy busy gettin ready for the holidays, working on craft projects, sewing up blankets for Landon, and trying desperatly to get caught up with all my "unfinished" crafts. I am also painting animals on Landons walls, so fun. So when I am done with all of that I will post some pics. ;O)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hawaii #1

Here are just some of the pictures from Hawaii, still working on getting more on here and writing about our trip, there is just so much to tell so bear with me. Landon and Noah walking the temple grounds, it was so beautiful and peaceful
Wouldnt it have been niced to have been sealed in this temple? Its so beautiful, (all temples are) but there is just something so romantic about this one.
We put Landon in the trunk to change his diaper and then he peed all over the trunk too. We let him stand in it for a minute and then realized what the sign said, "Do not leave valuables in trunk." We thought it was so funny we just had to take a picture, and we happened to get Landon clapping too.
Noah loved to be out in the ocean and body surf. Any chance he had he was in the water splashing around like a kid, it was so fun to watch him just enjoying himself. This day however there had been a shark attack on the beach the day before where a guy had got a chunk taken out of his thigh and they closed the beach. We did not know they closed the beach and were wondering why we were the only ones out there, we thought it was because it was early in the morning but the later it got the more weird it became that we were still the only ones there, with the exception of one guy who showed up. After about 2 hours some kids came down to let us know the beach was closed and why. I called Noah in from the water and when I told him what had happened he said that it was funny because the whole time he was out in the water he kept thinking "Shark bait, oh ha ha." (Finding Nemo)
Landon hated to get sunscreen put on his face so we had to take every opportunity to just dab it on him and then smear it in next time he came running by.

We went to Hunama Bay but it was the day we were leaving so we did not get in the water, we just played around and rolled down the hill with Landon, he was laughing so hard and having a blast.
Again at Hunama Bay, just goofing off.
Such a gorgeous photo opp. Isnt it just so breath takingly beautiful?
Outside the Hilton Hawaiian Villiage, this hotel and the other military hotel, we like tropical paradises right there on the beach, they were so beautiful to walk around in and see all the ambiance they had there. Such gorgeous vegetation and ponds and fountains.
Making out mark in the sand. Less then 5 seconds after I took this picture Landon went running through it, so our mark did not last long.

This was a little set up they had at the Dole Pinapple Plantation, they had a maze and a train and a fish pond. It was so nice and the pinapple was oh so good.
Landon discovered his love for tooth brushes and brushing his teeth on this trip. He loved to bruch his teeth and everytime we brushed ours he had to brush his. Good hygene kiddo.
Landon had so much fun playing in the sand and finding "treasures" We came home with some coral and colored rocks that he found and he could not part with. He enjoyed chasing the crabs that came out of the wholes in the sand too. He also liked eating the sand, not so much fun for mom and dad.

This picture was taking at our churches Polynesian Cultural Center outside one of the villiages, it was so nice, we made a whole day out of it and then got to go to a Luau that night and have the Pig that they cooked in the hot house in the ground, it was OH SO YUMMY! Wish I could have had more of it.

This was the wonderful view from out Cottage, this is about 10 steps out our back door, it was so peaceful and amazing to go sit out there in the morning or at night and watch the sun rise and set. To marvel at Gods amazing creation and to reveal in its beauty
Those boys sure did love the sand and the beach. I think we brought about half of it back in our clothes every time we went back to the cabin and then about half of it home with us too.
Doesn't our little man look so grown up?
Look at his tennis shoes. I LOVE Them SOOO cute!!! This is at the Dole Maze, we so got lost, but it was so much fun.
He scares me to death when he does this, but he loves its and Landon loves it and I trust him, It just scares me!!!!! They have so much fun together, they defenitely are best buds.
okay I promise more pictures just bare with me and Ill get them on here as soon as I have more time.

Hawaii #2

Okay so the second and maybe last batch of pictures. Totally dont want to overwhelm yall but Ive had lots of requests for ALL our hawaii pictures so Im giving you the ones Ive got. The above is me and my new "man" at the Hard Rock cafe, Noah wanted me to kiss it, I thought it would be funnier if he did it but he said no so I got stuck doing it.
This was taken while we were on the temple grounds, it sprinkled for like 2 minutes and then this beautiful rainbow appeared. It made me think of my favorite song from when I was a kid from church. "I like to look for rainbows, whenever it has rained and marvel at the beauty of an earth made clean again, I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain." I thought it was very fitting for this picture. Amazing!
GODZILLA IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!! (jk) This was a farm where A TON of movies and TV shows were filmed, it was neat to go there and see all of these things, this was one of the left overs from teh Movie Godzilla, it was originally ten feet deep but the cows kept falling in it at night so they had to fill it in a bit.
Thought this was so cute, see the little toliet paper stuck to his foot? He had gotten into the bathroom and made a mess and then we saw him walking across the room with some toliet paper on his foot. So precious! Got to love him.
We tried to go on a walk every night because it was so beautiful and peaceful, Landon loved it.
Just had to throw this in, I think he is soooo Handsome. :O)
Noah had fun burying Landon in the sand and Landon sat there and let his daddy do it, it was funny. After he was done, Landon managed to get his toes out and then he leaned over to eat them and got a mouth full of sand, he then laughed.

This was the under ground hot house where they cooked the Pig for the Luau, oh I would love to go back there and get some of that.... so good~~~
When we were walking the temple grounds one of the female missionaries came and told us that Elder Uchtdorf was walking the temple grounds as well, so we went and found him and talked to him for a bit. It was so neat to meet an Apostle of the Lord. He was such an amazing man, and so nice, this was the highlight of our trip. :O)

Hunama Bay, you can snorkle right there with the fish, it is very neat , I did it as a young girl, but we did not get to do it this time, because I was a dork and forgot to bring cash with us when we went there, and they did not take and credit or debit cards (come on who does that?) So we just enjoyed the view.
This was also on the farm where all the movies are filmed this is where the plans flew over Josh Hartnet in Pearl Harbor. It was beautiful, look at the waves breaking in the background, Great spot to surf (so I hear).
Ride em horsey~~~ Landon loved this, he is such a goof.
Landon found his love for showers when we were in Hawaii, when we got back from the beach each time we would shower right out front and strip him down, now the kid cant get enough of the shower at home.
The likelike hwy. Noah said it is so nice they named it twice. (had to throw this in here, we got a kick out of it)

The first day there, we went to the Hard Rock cafe, some good eatin thats for sure. Cant quit figure out what Landons looking at. :O)
Momma and here big man walking in the maze, getting ready to get so very lost. :O)
The clock that was takin from the USS Oklahoma, when the Japanesse bombed pearl harbor, the Oklahoma and Arizona sunk right away and this clock stopped right when the ships suck only 5 minutes after the attacks began. Such a sombering thought.
Chasing Landon around in the middle of the maze. Landon lovses to be chased.
Landon is slowly mastering stairs. He loves to climb them but he scares me and Im so worried he is going to fall, but Ive got to let him do his thing. :O) He is growing up and I have to deal with it (sniff sniff).
Okay so there are a few more pictures, Ill put them up later, I dont want to bombard yall, so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Walk the Line

I just wanted everyone to see Landon walking and just a bit of his dancing, hopefully I will be able to catch the dancing soon and get more of it on there. If you listen close at the end you will hear him sining "E I E I O" (Old McDonald song). Oh and as for the bottle thing he only has one first thing in the morning and when he gets up from nap, so he is on a big boy sippy cup but the crazy kid will only take milk in a bottle, we are working on that. Now that they have video uploads on here I will try to get one on here every day or every few days. I no longer watch any other kids so I have more time to focus on the videos, YEAH! Since most well basically everyone of our friends and family members that get on here live far away and can't see Landon, I thought live videos would be nice for yall, especially his Mimi and Papa. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Way back when!

I was browsing through our old pictures and found this video of Landon when he was about 5 1/2 months. He has still not mastered sitting up on his own and seems so tiny, my heart just melted when I watched this video, he was so sweet and so tiny. Now he is sweet and big, and sooo sooo silly. I just wanted to share this video of him from a while back.

Labor day fun and Jammin!!!

The first are just some random pictures of Landon I have taken in the last week or so, pictures that I thought were cute!!! Landon is getting more and more vocal every day, picking up on new things and learning new tasks. He has been going to the fridge and saying Aurie until we open it and then he points to whatever he wants, usually a pickle or milk when he is ready for a nap. He has also learned how to put things back into there container, he will dump it out, and then pick it up and put it back in. He has a little baseball basket that he has been carrying around and putting things into, like lip gloss, blocks, remotes, keys, bottles, movies, and books, basically anything he can get his hands on, (which usually results in him hiding somthing and use looking for it for days, and then one day out of nowhere he will have it again.) He has also learned that standing on his tippy toes and holding something long and trying to hit the far off or high up object that he wants with it will usually result in his getting something he knows he is not supposed to have. Smart kid! He will look at you when he knows he is not supposed to do something, and usually will say "no" or "no way" and then get it anyway, testing the waters. His new word or rather phrase is "no way." I asked him one day if he loved his mommy and he said "no way" and took of running looking behind him to see if I was following, he loves to be chased so he will antagonize you until you follow. Such a totally wonderful little goof ball.

This is what he does when he is dancing, he puts his ball in the hoop and then starts jamming out.
Landon had his towel wrapped around him like a big boy after he got out of the shower.
Landon and Maren jumping on the bed. She is nine months older then Landon.
These next few pictures are of the BBQ we had at our house for Labor day. We had four of our couple friends and their kids over and cooked out, we had a lot of fun and it was a nice evening for it. The kids really enjoyed the watermelon and made a total mess but they had fun and liked it so us Moms just laughed and enjoyed it right along with them. When Landon was done he ran off to play and got dirt in the sticky watermelon juice on him, and by the time I caught up with him he looked like he had no home. :O) One of our friends said "For just .50 cents a day you can give this child a better life." It was very funny.

Ila was feeding Annabelle some watermelon.
Maren another one of Landons "girlfriends" (the one he is jumping on the bed with)

Ila is a day younger then Landon. Isn't she a cutie too? (Landons other girlfriend, I know he is a pimp isn't he? Just kidding.)