Monday, September 10, 2007

Hawaii #1

Here are just some of the pictures from Hawaii, still working on getting more on here and writing about our trip, there is just so much to tell so bear with me. Landon and Noah walking the temple grounds, it was so beautiful and peaceful
Wouldnt it have been niced to have been sealed in this temple? Its so beautiful, (all temples are) but there is just something so romantic about this one.
We put Landon in the trunk to change his diaper and then he peed all over the trunk too. We let him stand in it for a minute and then realized what the sign said, "Do not leave valuables in trunk." We thought it was so funny we just had to take a picture, and we happened to get Landon clapping too.
Noah loved to be out in the ocean and body surf. Any chance he had he was in the water splashing around like a kid, it was so fun to watch him just enjoying himself. This day however there had been a shark attack on the beach the day before where a guy had got a chunk taken out of his thigh and they closed the beach. We did not know they closed the beach and were wondering why we were the only ones out there, we thought it was because it was early in the morning but the later it got the more weird it became that we were still the only ones there, with the exception of one guy who showed up. After about 2 hours some kids came down to let us know the beach was closed and why. I called Noah in from the water and when I told him what had happened he said that it was funny because the whole time he was out in the water he kept thinking "Shark bait, oh ha ha." (Finding Nemo)
Landon hated to get sunscreen put on his face so we had to take every opportunity to just dab it on him and then smear it in next time he came running by.

We went to Hunama Bay but it was the day we were leaving so we did not get in the water, we just played around and rolled down the hill with Landon, he was laughing so hard and having a blast.
Again at Hunama Bay, just goofing off.
Such a gorgeous photo opp. Isnt it just so breath takingly beautiful?
Outside the Hilton Hawaiian Villiage, this hotel and the other military hotel, we like tropical paradises right there on the beach, they were so beautiful to walk around in and see all the ambiance they had there. Such gorgeous vegetation and ponds and fountains.
Making out mark in the sand. Less then 5 seconds after I took this picture Landon went running through it, so our mark did not last long.

This was a little set up they had at the Dole Pinapple Plantation, they had a maze and a train and a fish pond. It was so nice and the pinapple was oh so good.
Landon discovered his love for tooth brushes and brushing his teeth on this trip. He loved to bruch his teeth and everytime we brushed ours he had to brush his. Good hygene kiddo.
Landon had so much fun playing in the sand and finding "treasures" We came home with some coral and colored rocks that he found and he could not part with. He enjoyed chasing the crabs that came out of the wholes in the sand too. He also liked eating the sand, not so much fun for mom and dad.

This picture was taking at our churches Polynesian Cultural Center outside one of the villiages, it was so nice, we made a whole day out of it and then got to go to a Luau that night and have the Pig that they cooked in the hot house in the ground, it was OH SO YUMMY! Wish I could have had more of it.

This was the wonderful view from out Cottage, this is about 10 steps out our back door, it was so peaceful and amazing to go sit out there in the morning or at night and watch the sun rise and set. To marvel at Gods amazing creation and to reveal in its beauty
Those boys sure did love the sand and the beach. I think we brought about half of it back in our clothes every time we went back to the cabin and then about half of it home with us too.
Doesn't our little man look so grown up?
Look at his tennis shoes. I LOVE Them SOOO cute!!! This is at the Dole Maze, we so got lost, but it was so much fun.
He scares me to death when he does this, but he loves its and Landon loves it and I trust him, It just scares me!!!!! They have so much fun together, they defenitely are best buds.
okay I promise more pictures just bare with me and Ill get them on here as soon as I have more time.

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Bill and Tara said...

It looks so beautiful over there, you guys look great, and SO tan! Bill was quite impressed with that throw, he wanted me to enlarge the picture so he could see Landon's face better. :) Awesome!!!