Monday, August 27, 2007

Landon is a year and a mess!!! 1st birthday party

Landon and his Sondra Mama, my granny his great grandma!!!
My two super cute, totally handsome, always wonderful, men!!!! and dog!!!!

Landon looks cute and I look horrid so please ignore me and just focus on Landon. :O)

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these out. I know its been a month since Landons first birthday but we have been so busy and I am just now finding the time to get on. We went to the doctor today and Landon is 32 inches long and 21 pounds, he is in the 95th percential for height and the 75th for weight, the doctor said he is not worried about his weight that he is just a tall lean kid (hope he stays that way) but he said if he holds out at this weight for more then a year then we should worry, (its been at that for about 5 months) I don't know how, Landon eats anything he can get his hands on, but he runs everywhere now so I'm sure he works it off.

I has cut two molars and the poor guy has been in lots of pain. We have already hit the "terrible twos" as well, (I read when they start at around one that it means they are highly intelligent) I hope so that's whats getting me through this thinking it means he is really smart. Of course we already know he is.

He loves to drink out of his sippy cup and we are trying to get drinking from a water bottle down (that and cups are the only way I can get him to drink water) He loves to brush his teeth and take showers, yes I said showers not baths but showers (he likes to play in the bath but to get clean he wants a shower) he gets in with whoever is taking a shower ( he throws a fit outside the door if he hears the water running and is not in there.) and he will go stand under the shower with his back to it and let the water run down his back. If one of us is in the way he will turn around point at us and say, "Aurie" (his new word and everything is Aurie) and we know he wants us to move and let him have the shower.

He got a swing for his birthday and loves to go outside and swing on it. The kid would live outside if we let him. He is a real mess! He goes and stands at the back door or the front door whichever one he wants to go out and points and says "Aurie" (again) then if we don't let him out he throws his fits. They are actually so funny to watch and its hard not to laugh, he stomps his feet and runs around in circles while he is doing it, throwing his head back and saying "Aurie" in a high voice over and over again. We have started getting down at his level and looking in his eyes while holding him and explaining why he cant do whatever it is he wants to do, amazingly it has been helping big time. Anyway, back to the going outside, he loves it and will spend all day out there, we will leave the back door open and he will come in and out with Annabelle (his new puppy he got for his birthday from his pops and Nana) and then we will leave the front door open (we have a little fence around our porch) and he will go out and push his little car around on the concrete. He also got a wagon for his birthday and will go out and throw toys in it and try to climb in when ever he is ready to go on a walk.

I was cutting up veggies for a soup and I feel this little hand on the back of my leg, I turn around and Landon had climbed up onto the stool, all by himself and got one of the carrots. He did this twice, he must really have wanted a carrot. I thought it was too cute and ran for the camera. He got himself down too.

He is climbing on everything now, he will grab onto the back of chairs and wiggle his little legs to hoist himself up onto the chair, sometimes he makes it if the chair is smaller or sometimes he gives up and moves onto other adventures. He has a football and soccer ball in the back yard (real ones so they are as big as him) and he loves to carry them around and play with them. He is such a busy little man, all my time is spend chasing after him, picking up after him, or entertaining him, and I love every minute of it. When he thinks you are going to get him or its time to go, he will take off running as fast as he can and laughing the whole time, then when you catch him he bursts out into laughter until he realizes that he was caught and its time to go then the starts kicking. He loves to throw balls, binkies, books, cars, anything he can get his hands on. Its fun to play catch with him and you can tell him who to throw it too and he will go to that person and throw it, he can also catch it if you throw it to him. This does not become a fun game when we are in church and he throws what ever toy he has three rows in front of us, the kid has an amazing arm that's for sure. He also yells GOAL and throws his arms up into the air whenever he throws anything.

His latest favorite food is tomatoes, if he sees me cutting one up, or putting one into something he comes and stands next to me, and points with one hand and holds out the other one waiting for the food. He gets that love from me for sure, Noah hates tomatoes. He has also been feeding himself which is a real adventure for us as parents, so much fun cleaning up the chair, the floor, the dog and Landon. :O) (yes he shares) he is getting pretty good at feeding himself, but by the end of eating most the time he has gotten tired of dropping the food and just starts using his fingers and then when that's too much he picks up the bowl and starts "drinking" the food, and licking the bowl, he also uses the bowl as a hat when he is all done... yeah I told you it was a big mess. Definitely time for a bath when he is done eating. When we run the bath water he gets very excited but if we do not get him undressed fast enough he will try to climb into the tub. He is also getting pretty good at undressing himself.

He likes to help around the house and carries things around for me, he still likes to help with the laundry and the dishes, he also climbs into the dish washer, (scares me to death) and he likes to play (pretend) eat with the spoons and the bowls he "helps" me unload from the dish washer

Getting into things with Annabelle! Double trouble!

After changing Landons diaper the other day, Noah said it was time to potty train Landon. :O) (Noah is still not a fan of changing dirty diapers, or any diaper for that matter and will put it off as long as he can)
Landons favorite past time, getting into things!!!

Landon and Uncle Micah!!! My little brother!

Landon is starting to like to sit and he read too, he will bring you a book and then turn around so you can pick him up, once you have read the first page (sometimes not even that) he wants to be put back down and will go get you another book. This game can last forever..........

One of our many favorite things about him and the thing that makes us laugh the most is his dancing. He dances to everything. We have a little song we made up that we will sing to him and he will dance, he dances to the toilet flushing, the dishwasher running, of course his baby movies and the opening credits to movies. He shakes his head to music in the car also. He has gotten to where he will conduct music too by waving his arms in front of him. He loves to play the piano too. He dances when he makes a basket in his basket ball hoop, basically any time anything plays or makes a noise that he thinks has any sort of beat, he dances. He gets down too man, he will bend over and shake his butt in the air and hops up and down on his tip toes while waving his arms in the air, or he will point his fingers in the air and hold his arms straight up while bending, shaking and hopping. Everyone always wants to see him dance, because its the cutest thing ever.

He also loves to play at the park and we try to take him there as much as we can, he has a ball. Whenever we are leaving and tell him its time to go bye bye, he waves his arms saying bye bye and walks to the door still waving. We have to tell our friends or anyone who has come over that when they leave they can't say they are going bye bye, because he will think he is leaving and wave his arms and run for the door, then cries when they leave and he is still inside, so if this happens we just shut the gate and let him out for a minute. Our friends here are getting used to saying "Alright we are leaving now, see you later." Instead of we are going bye bye or its time to go.

1st Birthday

Noah and I met while he was playing baseball, which is a sport we love, so it was only fitting that Landon had a baseball party themed 1st birthday party.

Again sorry this took so long to get out, I'm really trying to work on it. I hope y'all enjoy our crazy little man as much as we do. I will have the Hawaii pictures and blog out soon. There are just a tun of pictures and a lot to say, I am working on it a little bit at a time. So keep checking back.