Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just got back from a Patriotic fireside our stake threw... it was beautiful, touching and heart warming. I was very impressed on how much the spirit filled the room. When we stood to sing the Star Spangled Banner as a congregation at the beginning mine and Noahs eyes swelled up with tears. It felt like all the men and women past and present who have served our country were in that room singing with us, it was a truly beautiful and moving experience. They paid tribute to fallen soldiers from all the wars and to our current Armed Forces as well as the Veterans. There was a soloist who sang, Proud to be an American, which moved me to tears (yes again!) the man had a stunning and electifying voice, he was TERRIFIC. They also had someone play taps on the trumpet and the choir sang all the seperate Armed Forces songs and had the selective groups of men who have/had served in those branches stand when there song was played. I was so moved and so thankful for all these men surrounding me who have spent there life in serve to our nation. I am so greatful for my husband who has chose a life of serve and of honor and of devotion to our country, over money and fame and power. I feel privilaged to be his wife and to be married to a man who embodies what this country is all about. We are all so lucky to be living in America, to enjoy the freedoms that these men and so many others have fought to give to us, and that future generations will continue to fit to provide for us. These men our heros, I know they are mine. I am so thankful to know them, to see them, and to pay tribute to them. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! OUR INDEPENDENCE!!!!!

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