Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Games and Ice Cream

So I said that I would tell you about Noahs games. They won on Thursday and Friday so they made it to the playoff. It was a double elimination thing and they were the only one of two teams going into it with out having lost yet. They however lost there first game by 13 runs (2-15) ouch, but now here is the truly fun part, Noah hit an in feild home run that scored the one of two runs they had, he also was hitting like a pro and kept hitting doubles but no one was ever on base and no one made good on his double so the farthest he would get was 3rd before there were 3 outs. The batting order was really frustrating us because of this fact. The second game they were up 3-0 going into the 6th inning but the other team scored 9 runs in one inning and Noahs team failed to come back or even score one more run, (if they had won that game they would have gone onto the championship game where they were going to have bet the team that killed them earlier that day, twice.) It was so hot that day 2 games were enough for our little family. By the middle of the second game, Landon, who was a trooper the whole time, started fussing, I think it was because he was getting so hot, it was ONLY 115 degrees out, so we were glad when we got to go home to some shade, it would have been nice for Noah to go on to win the championship, but there is always next year.

Also Landon is walking, it official, he walks everywhere and gets into everything, he now tries to open the doors and if he grows another half an inch he will be able to get them open, he knows how he just cant quite reach it yet. He walks everywhere and so we find toys everywhere. Its so much fun to watch and see him learning new things, you can tell he is so proud of himself.

The other night Noah wanted to go to Cold Stone for some ice cream (after all his games) and I was pooped and not in the mood so I said that we would let Landon decide, if he could say COLD STONE then we would go. So I looked at him and said "Landon say Cold Stone" and of course being his fathers son he yells "TOLD TONE" So of course we had to go, Noah was so proud of Landon and or course glad he got to get some ice cream. :O)

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Shannon :o) said...

Oh my goodness! You wish and wish that they walk and then once they do you wish they couldn't! Get ready girl, he has only just begun!! :o)