Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fourth of July pictures

Well happy fourth of July. These are the pictures we took at the picinic fireworks thing that the base here throws. Its really nice, they serve a free dinner and then all the rides for the kids are free, of course Landon will have to wait till next year before mommy will feel safe letting him do any of it by himself. We came home for the fireworks because they were at 9 and Landon goes to bed at around 8 so we watched them from our lawn chairs in the back yard, very nice, wish I would have gotten pictures of the finally it was beautiful and touching.
So as you can see he is really on the move!!! He tries to run every where now and gets so excited that he sometimes loses his balance but he takes the fall like a man and gets right back up. He also loves to squat and feel the grass, he is not so afraid of it any more and runs around barefoot like his mommy. :O)

My two beauitfully goregous and handsome men. They make life wonderful!!!

When Landon gets up from his naps he likes to coudle, and the little girl we watch (rhey) wanted to be the one that cuddled with him this time so he cuddled right on in, it was just too cute, had to get a picture. He loves Rhey and gets so excited when he sees her, it darling.

So yeah mostly just pictures, Ill let you know when anything new comes up.


Bill and Tara said...

Man, Landon looks like he is going places! I love the one where Noah is holding him, so sweet, and he looks like he should be in a baby magazine. He reminds me of Josh, he was my cuddle-bug, still is. I love mamas boys! I'm sad that I missed the 4th of July events with the stake and on base, it just wasn't the same here, our first 4th of July out of the military and not surrounded by that environment. You will always remember that feeling, even when you get out of the service, of being a part of our country's defense of freedom. It was an honor for us, we will never forget. Great post!

Shannon Brooks said...

I cannot believe your little man is walking! He is too short! hehehe.. He is so precious. I miss you girl! Remember the recipe you gave me for your chicken noodle casserole?? I cannot find it anywhere. I know it is so easy but I don't want to forget anything. Will you email it to me?? :o) Love ya!