Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fourth of July pictures

Well happy fourth of July. These are the pictures we took at the picinic fireworks thing that the base here throws. Its really nice, they serve a free dinner and then all the rides for the kids are free, of course Landon will have to wait till next year before mommy will feel safe letting him do any of it by himself. We came home for the fireworks because they were at 9 and Landon goes to bed at around 8 so we watched them from our lawn chairs in the back yard, very nice, wish I would have gotten pictures of the finally it was beautiful and touching.
So as you can see he is really on the move!!! He tries to run every where now and gets so excited that he sometimes loses his balance but he takes the fall like a man and gets right back up. He also loves to squat and feel the grass, he is not so afraid of it any more and runs around barefoot like his mommy. :O)

My two beauitfully goregous and handsome men. They make life wonderful!!!

When Landon gets up from his naps he likes to coudle, and the little girl we watch (rhey) wanted to be the one that cuddled with him this time so he cuddled right on in, it was just too cute, had to get a picture. He loves Rhey and gets so excited when he sees her, it darling.

So yeah mostly just pictures, Ill let you know when anything new comes up.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just got back from a Patriotic fireside our stake threw... it was beautiful, touching and heart warming. I was very impressed on how much the spirit filled the room. When we stood to sing the Star Spangled Banner as a congregation at the beginning mine and Noahs eyes swelled up with tears. It felt like all the men and women past and present who have served our country were in that room singing with us, it was a truly beautiful and moving experience. They paid tribute to fallen soldiers from all the wars and to our current Armed Forces as well as the Veterans. There was a soloist who sang, Proud to be an American, which moved me to tears (yes again!) the man had a stunning and electifying voice, he was TERRIFIC. They also had someone play taps on the trumpet and the choir sang all the seperate Armed Forces songs and had the selective groups of men who have/had served in those branches stand when there song was played. I was so moved and so thankful for all these men surrounding me who have spent there life in serve to our nation. I am so greatful for my husband who has chose a life of serve and of honor and of devotion to our country, over money and fame and power. I feel privilaged to be his wife and to be married to a man who embodies what this country is all about. We are all so lucky to be living in America, to enjoy the freedoms that these men and so many others have fought to give to us, and that future generations will continue to fit to provide for us. These men our heros, I know they are mine. I am so thankful to know them, to see them, and to pay tribute to them. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! OUR INDEPENDENCE!!!!!

Lifes greatest questions answered

Ever wonder who you are and where you came from? Where you are going after this life? Is there life after death? Will I ever see my family again? Does God even know who I am, does he even care? What is the purpose behind life on this earth? And many many more!!!
Lifes greatest questions have been answered and I know the answers, so do the other members of my church. If you are curious you should go to MORMON.ORG and the answers to these questions and many more will be right in front of your face. I never have to wonder or worry I know who I am and where I came from and I know with assuridy that my Father in Heaven knows who I am and that he cares about me, and I know with out a doubt where I am going after I die and that I will see my family again and be with them for Eternity. You can find all of this out for yourself to by visiting that web site.
Remeber MORMON.ORGMy life is amazing and wonderful because I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, if you want to know the answers to lifes greatest questions you should go~~~ What will it hurt?
Love yall, please just give it a try.

Games and Ice Cream

So I said that I would tell you about Noahs games. They won on Thursday and Friday so they made it to the playoff. It was a double elimination thing and they were the only one of two teams going into it with out having lost yet. They however lost there first game by 13 runs (2-15) ouch, but now here is the truly fun part, Noah hit an in feild home run that scored the one of two runs they had, he also was hitting like a pro and kept hitting doubles but no one was ever on base and no one made good on his double so the farthest he would get was 3rd before there were 3 outs. The batting order was really frustrating us because of this fact. The second game they were up 3-0 going into the 6th inning but the other team scored 9 runs in one inning and Noahs team failed to come back or even score one more run, (if they had won that game they would have gone onto the championship game where they were going to have bet the team that killed them earlier that day, twice.) It was so hot that day 2 games were enough for our little family. By the middle of the second game, Landon, who was a trooper the whole time, started fussing, I think it was because he was getting so hot, it was ONLY 115 degrees out, so we were glad when we got to go home to some shade, it would have been nice for Noah to go on to win the championship, but there is always next year.

Also Landon is walking, it official, he walks everywhere and gets into everything, he now tries to open the doors and if he grows another half an inch he will be able to get them open, he knows how he just cant quite reach it yet. He walks everywhere and so we find toys everywhere. Its so much fun to watch and see him learning new things, you can tell he is so proud of himself.

The other night Noah wanted to go to Cold Stone for some ice cream (after all his games) and I was pooped and not in the mood so I said that we would let Landon decide, if he could say COLD STONE then we would go. So I looked at him and said "Landon say Cold Stone" and of course being his fathers son he yells "TOLD TONE" So of course we had to go, Noah was so proud of Landon and or course glad he got to get some ice cream. :O)

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Noah is at a PEC meeting (for church) Landon is taking his nap and I just finished up my personal reading for today and still have about 20 minutes before I need to get Landon up and ready for church so I figured I would update the blog.
( Noah walking out into the water, he did not like the mud at the bottom though, surprise surprise, a guy who would not finger paint as a child because he did not like the feeling of it, did not like the muddy lake bottom. ) :o)

We went to Lake Mead on friday, the man made Lake here right outside of Vegas that was created when Hoover Dam was built. It is very nice and beautiful, the wind was really blowing so we did not "enjoy" that part, but it was great being in the water and Landon really loved it, he played down by the beach and splashed in the water, he giggled when the waves came up and splashed him he love to play in the sand too, but the wind got so bad that it hurt his little face when it hit him and the sand was so hot that he wanted to sit in my lap and play with it the whole time. We had a blast though. I put sun screen on everyone and was so busy doing the mom thing ( we had another little girl with us that I watch named Rhey) that I forgot to put sunscreen on me, needless to say my white girl back got burned, the rest of me did fine, and my poor white legs that never get sun got some and thankfully did not get burned, just had some nice color the next day.

Landon got his birthday present in the mail from our friends Amy, David and Blake Boston. He loves it, when I told him who it was from he looked in the box and said "ammmeee?" I said "yeah its from Amy and David and your buddy Blake" (he is 6 weeks older then Landon) and he looked at me then in the box and back at me and said "Fang ooohhhsss ammmeee" (thank you amy) it was so precious, I cant believe he is learning so fast. I love when he makes a basket because the music starts to play and he will dance when the to the music. He has figured out though that if he sticks his hand in there with or without the ball that the music will still play, so he just does that now. When he makes a basket by throwing the ball he will throw his hands up in the air when they shout hurray for him. Its precious to watch.
Landon has found his baby binkey basket and now he will walk around with them either in his mouth or with the regular one in his mouth and one in each hand. Its so funny, he will crawl all over collecting them all and carry as many as he can, then he will come and share them with us, but he wants them right back. Such a silly boy.

(thought it was cute, still loves to crawl around naked.... what a goofy kid)

Landon and his friend Ila, she is a day younger then Landon and her daddy worked with Noah. They are LDS too and will be moving on base in August, they will be moving onto the street right behind us and will be in our ward, we are very excited... ( I feel horrible, Ila is all dressed and Landon still has on PJS, in my defense though he just got up and had regular clothes put on him right after I took these pictures.) I just thought they are so cute playing together. Landon crawls and walks much faster then Ila, so as soon as she gets to where he is, he usually looks at her and grabs her hand then goes off to play with something else, she is not as quick so by the time she gets there he is ready to move on again. :O) So silly!

Landons car he got for Easter!! He loves to play in it and steer it all over. He is finally figuring out that he can walk and it will move with him. He shut the door on himself the other day, and leaned over the side till his hands hit the ground and he was bent in half then he walked his hands forward along the ground and shimmed himself out and back to the floor, Noah and I were both amazed that he knew how to do that and did not hurt himself.

He also took a step down out the front door yesterday, Noah went outside and Landon was following, I thought he was going to do a face plant and Noah and I both went running to catch him, well he grabbed on to the door frame and just stepped on down and then went on about his business.... getting to big to fast. I dont know what we are going to do with him :O) he keeps us busy thats for sure, my mom says its pay back for all the crazy things I did as a baby.

Well its time to get Landon up but there is so much more I want to tell you about Noahs "old man softball games" (as he so lovingly calls them) that he had this weekend. It was the "playoffs" so as soon as I can I will post that info. :O)