Saturday, June 23, 2007

Whole Jenkins Family!! (in las vegas that is)

Noah is going to be training on Monday to become a trainer. He is excited and this is a big deal for him. There have been several people in his facility that have been there longer then him and have more ratings then him that got passed over. Noah and one other guy that has been there about the same time got picked for the two new trainer positions. Noah says that he feels sorry for anyone he has to train. I dont agree I think he will make a great trainer, and obviously so do the people at work who make those decisions. A few weeks ago Noah also had a email confusion at work, that lead him to find out how the Chief felt about him. When they approached the chief about this problem, (they thought he had gotten orders to Korea, dont worry it was just a mix up) but the Chief was adment that he was going to fix it because he was not going to lose Noah. He told him that he was one of the best controllers in the facility and that he did not cause problems, that he was a quiet guy that he never had to worry about and that if he ever had to go overseas for a mission that he wanted Noah with him (ahhhh dont take my husband overseas just yet, but a nice compliment.) So to sum it up, Noah is doing great at work and its not going unnoticed.

We also went to the zoo on Tuesday. It was not very big but it was neat because its a zoo for endangered animals and/or animals in recovery or who were harmed in the wild and would not be able to survive were they still in the wild. It was neat because there were peacocks just walking up and down the trails, they were very neat, there were also mommy chicks and baby chicks walking all over too. I was so excited when one of the peacocks opened its feathers, it was beautiful. Noahs favorite was of course the Tiger, and it was very neat because we got to see all the animals upclose because of the nature of the zoo. The tiger walked right by the fence and then went and took a bath in the pool and swatted flies, she was so beautiful. They had her there to breed because she would not survive in the wild, she and her mate had 6 cubs before he passed away.

Well I guess that about sums it all up for now. Nothing to exciting with me, all the things I tell you about Landon are the things that are happening to me, so whatever I tell you about him is the joys and excitments of my life too. My family is my joy!!!

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