Monday, June 04, 2007

Landon is on the move

Sorry its been so long since I updated this, I promised myself today that I would start doing it on a weekly basis, lets see if that sticks or not. Landon is doing so many cute things lately that I want to tell everyone so I figured I could keep track for myself as well as yall if I started updating our blog more. So here goes.

Landon loves taking a bath, and now that he can stand up there is no stopping this kid. He grabs onto the edge and pulls himself up, we have to clear off the ledge of all the shampoos and soaps so that he will not get them because thats the first thing he goes for, no matter how many toys we give him he still wants the "big kid" stuff. He is a little pistol. He still loves to suck on his wash rag to get his water for the day. Once he has "drank" all the water out of the wash rag he will stick it back in the water and "refill" it then drink some more. Too smart for his own good.

(here he has just "refilled" the wash rag)

Landon has a little soccer ball (a Barbie one) that one of the kids I watch gave him and it just big enough to fit into his mouth with out him chocking on it and small enough that he can almost close his mouth. It scares me when he crawls around with it in his mouth, Im so afraid he is going to fall and shove it down his throat, but we have world war III on our hands if we try and take it away from him. I give it to him in his pack n play now cause, (i thought) he could not get into too much trouble with it in there. I also put his other ball toys in there with him too, the ones his Mimi sent him. The are nerf balls and I believe all of them have a chunk missing as well as teeth marks all over them. The loves to throw them out of the pack n play and yell MAMA!!! He thinks its a fun game, it is not so much fun for MAMA!!!! He loves to "play fetch" with everyone, he will drop toys behind the pews at church and make who ever is behind us pick it up, usually its some one elses little kids so they dont mind. But as soon as they give it back to him he laughs and does it again, after two times the toy is mamas! He now does it with his bottles as well, that makes a big mess!
Noah is so proud of Landon using his LEFT HAND to throw. He loves his baseball! He will throw it and then try to catch them when we toss it back, he usually winds up just clapping his hands together instead of catching it, its so cute. He also loves to throw is and then crawl after it, pick it up and throw it again, that game amuses him for quite a while. We took it to church with us and when he was fussing and fidgeting, (he does not like to sit still for too long) and then kept trying to crawl away I took him to the foyer and put him down on the floor and he played that game for awhile, till other little kids came out and took the ball from him then he would just crawl after them looking upset and confused, that made mommy a little upset, so when one of the kids threw the ball at Landon to play catch and it missed his head by and inch, mommy had enough and went and took the ball and Landon and went back in.Landon loves his bottles as you can see by the above picture, he has to have one in each had at all times. (jk) He does love to have something to drink all the time.
Landon throwing a fit (not really this time, this time he was just trying to tell us something, but its the same idea.) He rocks back and forth and then will throw his head backwards and clap his hands together as he is coming forward, its very funny to watch. He also bangs his head on the back of things, the wall, pews at church, the back of the couch, his car seat, and then laughs hysterically after doing it about 10-15 times, he is a hoot, he gets bouncing so his head just bounces right off.
Landon loves his pickles as you can see, they always make him happy. Either that or crackers. His favorite foods right now are: potatoes, chicken, wagon wheels, cheese, pickles, lolipops and anything he can feed himself. He now will not eat unless he is feeding himself, so we put the food on the spoon or fork and give it to him then he feeds it to himself and when he is done he will hand us the fork back and make the sign language sign for more. He makes that sign all the time now, he will do it when he wants me instead of Noah or when he is on the floor crying he will make that sign and then say MAMA, it melts my heart, how can I help but pick him up, he just wants "more mama" its precious. Landon used to love to eat Raisans, it was the fall back if he would not eat anything else, but now he does not want those, he wants something more. Which is nice for us when we have to change his diaper, no more raisan filled diapers. Oh and while we are on the diaper subject, I kept meaning to tell you how we know he is going potty, forgive me, Im a mom and think its just cute as can be, anyway..... He just hiccups and then its over and he is done, its sooo cute. They were saying a prayer in church one day and right in the middle of it he did his little "HIC" hiccup and Noah and I knew what that meant and both of us tried not to laugh, its just so funny, such a little noise for such a big poop. :O) Landon loves to just stand and look all around, bend over grab a toy and then stand back up, I think he thinks it makes him a big boy. (which he is of course, too big)

I think some times however he thinks he is still tiny, he got in here all by himself, he was ready to get washed up I guess. Trying to tell us something. I am just waiting for the day when I hear him yelling MAMA DADA from the back of the house, only to find him in the bath tub ready for a bath. Which I am so glad he loves bathes, it makes our bed times much easier, or the after meal cleanings much easier. After dinner last night, potato salad which he fed himself, we were very tempted to put him in the tub, clothes and all.

Yes he is on the move, and very quick at that, he follows us everywhere and makes it there faster then us sometimes too. He is good at finding people. Noah got up with him like 15 minutes before I got up this morning and when Noah went outside to put the car seat back in the car, Landon came to find me. I was laying there fixing to get up when I heard the door open and thinking it was Noah was waiting for him to say something, then I hear this "huh huh huh" noise and knew right away that Landon was in the room and out of breath from the long haul from the living room to our bed room, sure enough a second later I feel a little tug on the blanket and Landon was right there face to face with me, "HEY MAMA!!!" it was too cute.

Landon loves to drink out of big boy cups, that is the only way we can get him to drink water, and only out of "big kid" cups, not sippy cups or plastic ones, if we give him a plastic one then he smooshes it and the water shoots out of the top, its rather comical. He will drink too much at one time and have to catch his breath, its funny because I do the same thing, Noah says he learned to drink from me. Sometimes he is laughing so hard because one of us is making faces into the bottom of the cup that when he goes to drink more he misses his mouth and spills all over him, he will gasp from the cold and then laugh some more.

Landon likes to "help" me with the dishes, he unloads the spoons and forks and bangs them on the other dishes to get my attention. Then when I ask him what he laughs and does it again. Its very cute to watch but sometimes he does not really "help" me so much, so I showed him where the cabinets where that he can get into with out braking anything so now he goes to those, when when Im not in the kitchen, thats always a fun thing to come and find. He is so fast with it too, I will make it in there 30 seconds after he is disapered and find lids or pots all over the floor, Ill take a picture of that next time I find it.

We have a gate up to the kitchen and Landon would come and grab it and shake and yell DADA MAMA trying to get into the kitchen, we do not have a gate to the dining room which has a door to the kitchen and he just in the last few days realized that if he goes to long way he can get into the kitchen, so its time for another gate.

Landon with his spoon, helping mama. We find utensils all over the house now.

Landon just plays in is crib now and has figure out that he does not have to sleep he can just play. So getting him down for a nap is lots of fun, so now we just put him in there and let him play and when he gets sleepy he will just plop down where ever, sometimes I find him in very odd positions like the one above. He was just sitting up and I guess fell over asleep, such a goof. When he wakes up sometimes he will scream bloody murder till I come and get him, but most of the time he will either stand up and shake the bars yelling MAMA MAMA or just sit and play and talk for 15- 30 minutes or more sometimes, He gets to his bears on his mobile and plays with them.

I dont know if you can see the purple around Landongs right eye and the little bruise on his forhead, but its his first black eye and bruise. He was climbing up onto the couch and fell down and hit his head on the wood paneling running along the bottom of the couch, he cried for so long and just loved on me the rest of the day, I felt so bad. I hope its his first and last black eye, bruise, but I doubt it is, the kid is fearless, he will slam him fingers into drawers and cabinets and just pull his hand out, look at it and go on about his business.

Landon loves to just sit and watch his movies, Baby Einstine is all we let him watch, and he loves them. In the morning he gets a bottle of milk and then sits in front of the TV and watches his movie. The movie plays repeat most of the day (they are sign language movies so we are hoping he will get them into his head.) but he rarely stops to watch them during the day because there is just to many other things to do and get into. Sometimes he will stop and stare and then just move along.
Sorry this is so long, I will try to update it more so each on wont be so long. Hope yall enjoy.

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