Monday, June 04, 2007

Noah is offical

I forgot to tell everyone the good news. Noah is an offical controller, has been for a while now, but now he can work with out anyone else working with him. He does not have to assist anyone, he can do it on his own. YEAH!!! He is almost done with the majority of his training as well and can work anywhere he wants, as long as they will have him, (an why wouldnt they, he is amazing) He also had his yearly PT test and passed it, YEAH!! He has lost 18 pounds which is a shocker, we have been portion controlling and he has lost that much weight, when I have lost only a pound, what is up with that? :O) He is also going to be up for BTZ (senior airman below the zone.) which means he gets to put on his next strip, SRA in November if he makes it, which is also a pay raise for us, so that will be nice. Anyway, just wanted to give you the good news.

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