Monday, June 18, 2007

Life with Toddler Landon

Landon is a mess!!! In a good way of course. He is starting to explore everything since he can crawl, he wants to know what everything is and will point at things or hand things to us and say "Wah?" which we have interpreted to mean "what?" and so we tell him and he will take it away and bring us something new. He thinks the grand father clock is a book shelve and tries to put his books in there, needless to say it does not work so well. He also loves to play the piano so its nice that we have on of the new age electric ones where you can turn it off and he can pushthe keys to his hearts content.
He has discovered that things with whells can be pushed around and they will move. We got him a set off blocks that come in a box with wheels and he pushes it all over, we have blocks all over the house, he has recently discovered that its just small enough to fit under the couch so he will push it under the couch and then lay down on his tummy and reach under there to pull it out. Ah the things that amuse children.

He has also discovered the shoe shelf and loves to remove the shoes, there is not point in having a shelf because they never stay on there.... he also tried to sit in the self but he is a little to big so he gets frustrated.
His latest discovery is the dryer or the dirty close basket. He loves to help me with the laundry and will hand it to me while I am folding it and then get me a new piece, but now that he can crawl he gets to the dirty close basket in the hall and pulls all the close out, he also goes into his room and pulls all his clothes out of his giraffe bag and throws them all over. He goes into rooms and shuts the door then sits behind it so we can not go in there to get him out... smart kid!!! except when he is done and ready to leave he is stuck and starts to whimper then we have to coax him away from the door so we can open it. The newest task is removing the clean clothes and putting them on the floor and then walking away. I turned the corner because he had disapered and found him half way into the dryer, feet off the floor and all trying to get something in the very back, I ran to get the camera but he was out by the time I got a picture taken... its still too cute.

The mess mommy is left with, in the left mid/edge of the picture you can see the white bottom of his footie Pjs crawling quickly away from the crime scene and into mama and dadas bedroom where he has learned to open doors.... a mothers work is never done.
He has to stand up everywhere and loves to play with the little 8 years old, Rhey, that I watch every day. He loves her! He follows her everywhere and has really come out of his shell since we started watching her, before he hated to play with kids and was scared and would cry and now he is like "mom leave me alone my friends are here and Im going to play." he is such a goof. She tots him around like a baby and he does not know what to do but he just follows... he wants to do what big kids do.

Started rolling over on his tummy to sleep and we find him in the weirdest positions, Noah says he wishes he could sleep that could and in that many weird ways and not wake up feeling like he got beat up. :O) Ahh to be little again!!!! I love to go in his room and watch him sleep, he is such a little angel and I can not believe how lucky we are to have such an amazing creature from God, we are so blessed.
HEY!!!!! He is now using a sippy cup. He kept stealing our friends 18 month old daughet, Maren's, cup so we got him his own and he loves it. He still wants a bottle of milk in the morning and one for naps, and he wants a bottle in the car when he is sleepy or scared but majority of the time is a sippy cup... makes our life lots easier and not so messy!!!

The child hates to sit still long enough to change his diaper. The day I took these pictures, I layed him on the floor because he hates the changing table and as soon as I got his diaper off he was up and away. He is so quick and so strong, good thing he was not poopy! Althought when he is poopy I think he knows to sit still or make a mess because he is good when its time to change poop, probably wants it off his bottom. He does scratch down there though and I just know one of these days he is going to get poop on his hands during a diaper change.... then it will require mommy and daddy doing the changing. I can not believe how quick and strong he is, he moves so fast, we call him White Lightening!!! I love these pictures!

Getting into trouble!!! Pulling all his Noahs arc things onto the floor, Mommy caught him before he did too much damage!!! Landons real name must be Hudini!!! Magic little kid!
Landon has gotten a few more words that we are pretty sure we know what they mean we have got it down from what he does when he says the word so here they are. "ESSS" Is Yes, we will ask him a question, "more juice?" "More toys?" and he will say "esss" so we are pretty sure its yes. And then "ohhh" when we tell him "no no bad boy" he will like at us and say "oh" so we will say no again and he will say "ohhh" so we think that means No, and lastly of the new words is "wah" like I said earlier, when he tell him something he will say "wah?" and cock his head to the side so we are pretty sure it means "what?"

We went to the pool at my moms house today and Landon was not so sure about the water it took him a bit to get used to it then he started paddling with his arms and going in circles he also kicked his little legs too and was having a blast, after a bit we just let him float around on his own and he was loving it, the sun was making him sleepy though so he got out and went to the sand area with Nana. He loves to play in the sand and we got him a house set for the sand, but we forgot to bring it with us... we are taking it to Hawaii, I know he is going to have a blast. I am glad we got him used to the water so he will go in the pool in Hawaii, I am still scared to let him in the ocean because I wont even brave it myself, so we will see if Noah can talk me into letting Landon go in, if it does not scare him. Hope you enjoy the pictures, we love you all!!!

Landon and his Nana (my mom) plaing in the sand at the volleyball court. He loves to play in the sand.

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Bill and Tara said...

I love it! I remember Joshua doing almost the exact same things, it goes by so fast!!! I love how he sleeps and his cute little bum. You are a fun mom and so good to take all those pictures. love ya!