Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting bigger by the second!

Landon has his first self fed Spaghetti eating experience last night. I loved it but made a real big messy that mommy had to clean up. He was so cute, I loved to watch him and see the mess he made, of course into the tub he went and we had spaghetti floaties. Just wanted to share the cute little man I have.

Landon is still trying to figure out grass, if you try to set him down in it bare foot he will pull his feet up and tuck them into his body so they cant touch the grass. But this time he had jammies on and so he did not feel the grass.
He was helping us with the junk mail ads we get in the mail daily, he was throwing them away for me.He is crawling on the pavement I have been so worried about the cement being too hot and all the bugs, but the bug man came and sprayed and it was early evening so the cement was not hot so I let him venture out on his own, he crawled out the door and down the ledge and into the yard.
He is testing the grass to make sure its okay. He felt it and then would pick it up and look at it and show it to me, then he would run his hands over the grass really really fast to feel it under his hands. It so neat to watch him learn and grow. It brings tears to my eyes when he figures out something new and shows it to me, or when I watch him and the expression on his face when he finally figures something out, its truly priceless and what being a stay at home mom is all about.

Obviously he did not want to hear what ever was being said.

Giving his mommy kisses!!! I love it!!

I found Noahs hat and decided to play with it, I love his beautiful eyes in these pictures and his long eye lashes. Everyone is always telling me how beautiful "she" is and when I correct them (even though he always has on blue or something manly/boyish) they always say, "oh sorry its just those big beautiful eyes and his long eye lashes." they are amazing but he is A BOY!!!! I love the pictures of him playing with the hat I think he looks so cute, he is so much fun to play with and to watch. He laughs all the time and just loves to play with everything.

(my favorite pictures, where you can see his cherry cheeks and gorgeous eyes.)

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Bill and Tara said...

Oh my gosh, he is getting SO big! I guess one could mistake him for a girl, but he sure looks ALL BOY to me! The pasta picture is just classic, I love it! And the close-ups are darling, I just want to squeeze his chubby cheeks!