Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our little big man

Landon has been trying so hard to crawl, he just moves backwards though. He can get all the way across the room backwards, very slowly though, it takes about 10 minutes, and you have to be giving him some insentive as well, he train noise works really well and it moves across the floor so he trys to follow it. He has got the biggest smile and loves to giggle and play. You can see his two bottom teeth in this picture. He also has his two big top teeth, one to the right of that, and another coming in to the left. He loves to grind them now too, which makes my skin crawl, but he has just recently figured it out, so he does it all the time. I think in this picture you can see how big his eyes are. He takes after his mommy in that respect, but I think thats about it.
Landon has also started to feed himself. He loves to eat biter biscuits, baby corn puffs, corn wagon wheels, potatoes and raisens. He has mastered the biscuits but thats about it. They are really big and he can fit them into his mouth by himself. The rest of the food he picks up and tries to put it in his mouth, but he sticks his whole hand in there and then can not figure out how to get the food out of the hand and into the mouth. He makes a big mess as you can see and we have to "hose" him down. While taking his bath recently he has found his little boy parts and has begun to grab and squeeze. I laugh and ask him if that hurts? Its funny thought cause every time he takes a bath now, and his hands brush it, he grabs and squeezes. What a goof!!

We got Landon a little tykes "truck" he loves it. He loves to just sit in it and play around, he sits up in it really good now and does not need any assistance. He really enjoys himself and loves to pull toys onto it with him. He is now however starting to try and figure out how to get off, oh when he starts to walk, we will have our hands full for sure. He is still a big drooler and has to where a bib with everything, or we have to change him every ten minutes. He has of course learned how to pull the bibs off, and very quickly so we can stop him, its like a magic trick for him. He also loves to play peekaboo, he will pull the blanket up over his head and giggle so hard till someone says something to him, then he will yank it down and smile, and then pull it right back up. The other day he was in my lap and put his burp cloth over his face, and put his hands down, he just sat real still for a few minutes then he started to giggle, so I asked him "wheres landon?" he yanked it down and started to smile and giggle even more. He loves to play, he is just a busy little man.

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