Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I know that I have not blogged in forever, so I figured I would update as much as I can. So much as happened with Landon since I last blog, and with Noah, nothing really new with me though. :O) Landon is eating food now, has not mastered feeding himself, or even close, he loves to play with his spoons, but he can not figure out have to get the food in his mouth, he puts his whole fist in there and can not figure out why the food wont stay in there. He does not like baby food at all, he is a total real food boy. He likes chicken and cheerios, he loves his apple juice mixed with water, and chewing on carrots and apples. He has a little friend at church that he tries to share his carrots with. So now we pack enough for both of them. He is not so sure about the freeze dried food, he just horreds the corn in his cheeks. I put some on his tray and he kept eating them, so I thought, Yeah my baby likes veggies, but alas when he laughed, I spotted them horreded in his cheeks. I asked him if he was a squrriel or a chipmunk saving up for the winter. He is just a hoot when he eats, he makes the silliest faces and now noises. He makes an, ummmmmmm, sound when he eats his rice cereal, after every bite, it sounds like he is saying YUMMMM! Its so cute, so Noah and I mimic him and ask him if its good? And then he started rocking back and forth and swinging his arms, so we take that to mean, OF COURSE!

Dont want to jinx it, but I just had to tell everybody. Landon slept through the night last night, IN HIS CRIB!!!!! YEAH mileston reach, hope we can keep it up. He got a bath and a massage, and then got ready for bed and had his bottle around 9. He then feel asleep and woke up about 5 minutes later and cried for about 15-20 minutes, when he finally got quit Noah and I tooked at each other wondering if we really were hearing silence. We checked on him before we went to bed and he was still sound asleep. He fussed a few times, and then in his sleep turned on his waterglobe on his bed, and he cried, but did not wake up, so I went in and turned it off and he was fine. He woke up about 3 and downed a bottle in about 3 minutes flat and fell back asleep. He woke up about 7:30 this morning and has been happy as a clam ever since.

We are so excited about this, it finally means after 6 months that Noah and I can sleep with out a baby in the bed with us. And maybe we can actually get sleep.

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