Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Growing up... with everything!

Landon loves his little "truck" he just sits on it and tries to grab things and pull them up there with him. He does not like for you to move it, and he has not figured out how to move it himself yet either. I think he just likes being up and on his own and doing "big boy" things. He hits the middle of the handle bar trying to make noise. All of his toys make noise, and he has a car that has a little horn that honks. So he tries to get this to honk, but it of course does not, I told Noah was needed to get him a little horn for it. He is just growing up so fast.
Landon loves to take baths and play wit his toys and wash rags. He has to have one of his own every time he gets a bath. And by this point he makes such a mess every time he eats that he gets two baths a day sometimes. One after his messy morning(or mid day) meal and one before bed. He loves to be in there, so when we are done washing him we let most the water out and just let him play in there with his toys, while we watch him, smiling and laughing at how cute he is. He tries so hard to reach the toys when they float out of the way, and sometimes he things that the tub stopper is a toy, and gets a little frustrated when he cant make it move.

LOOK AT THOSE BIG BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!!! Mommy and daddy love this little guy soooo much. He brings so much joy to our lives and into our home.

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