Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Landon News!

Landon is growing up so fast, he has got so many facial expressions, I often wonder what he is thinking, what is going through his sweet little head. He has taken to his daddy very well since Noah quit wearing cologne, they are best buds. He loves to be held be his daddy and will sometimes just stare up at him and get a big grin on his face. Yesterday he was just a giggling when Noah was holding him and talking to him. Noah tells him secrets and makes him promise not to tell anyone, especially mommy, and Landon always starts cooing and gurling when Noah asks him if he can do that, Im not sure if he is agreeing or not. If you are holding him slightly he can push up from his knees to a standing position. He also loves it when I put some of the juices from whatever we are eating for dinner on my finger and let him lick it off. Yesterday for lunch I had left over Chicken Noodle cassarole and I was feeding some of the gooey parts to him and he was loving it. When he was done with what was in his mouth he would look at me and start moving his head as close to me as he could get it and smacking his lips. I also give him some of my popsicle whenever I am eating one and he gets this big wide eyed grin, he of course makes a big mess and slobbers everywhere, but he loves every minute of it and its just so cute to watch. We are going to ask the doctor next visit when is the earliest we can give him baby food, cause he really seems to like it. He is also drolling a lot and like to chew on things, namely his hands and mommy or daddys shoulders, so we felt the inside of his mouth and it feels like he is getting teeth. He also has in the last few weeks discovered his tongue and likes to lick our faces or shoulders. He also sticks it out whenever he if laying down on the bed and makes slurping sounds with it. He has had trouble pooping, so we went to the doctor to see if everything was okay. We had been having to give him a home version of an enima, we would stick the bottom thermometer in his butt and massage his tummy, it worked like a charm, but we did not like having to help him poop, we wanted him to not be so uncomfortable and be able to do it on his own. The doctor said that everything was okay with him, but that it did look like he was getting the makes of a hernia by his right testie, so we have to keep an eye on that. In the mean time, my mother sent us so essential oils to help calm him and help with the colick. It seems to be working, it has moved his crying time from about 3 hours at night to anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and getting shorter each time. The amazing thing about it though is that it has helped Landon poop on his own, he is now going about 3-4 times a day by himself. Its actually rather cute because you can tell he is going to the bathroom, he grunts a lot and really loud. The other day I woke up to him giggling because he was pooping, I could not help but laugh and kiss him all over. There is nothing in the world like waking up, opening your eyes, and seeing your beautiful babys bright smiling face staring up at you. He has graduated from sleeping on my stomach to sleeping inbetween me and Noah, and surprisingly Noah has managed not to smooch him, yet. Landon takes up the whole bed however, by spreading out his arms as far as he can and kicking the whole night, Noah and I are both huging the edge of the bed for dear life. We both joke that we are going to have to get bed rails so we dont fall off the bed. Our baby is growing up too fast, I guess those extra 11 days in utero did that too him. I was driving by the elementary school the other day and saw some dads in uniform waiting outside for their kids. One little boy came running out of his classroom and jumped into his dads arms. I started to cry because I can see Landon doing that and I can just see the years zooming by. We are cherishing every moment with him because before we know it he will be going off on his own, I only hope that we are able to teach him all that we can before that time comes. Each day with him is a gift from god and I am so thankful that I am so blessed to be his mother and to be able to wake up next to one of gods miracles each and everyday. I valued the time when he is this little and wants to sleep with mommy and daddy, because one day that will be a fleeting memory that we can only look back on and smile with the deepest of love and gratitude.