Monday, July 17, 2006

No baby yet!

Well there is no baby yet!!! Two and a half more days till his due date and I dont know how I have made it this long! My feet are so swollen I can barely walk and he has dropped so low that I can not even stand up on my own a lot of the time. Noah has to help me out of the bed at night when I have to use the restroom. I think its funny, everyone has been telling me to get as much sleep as I can before the baby is born, which Noah and I both think is a joke because I dont get ANY sleep now as it is. We are very excited and very ready for him to get here so we can kiss him and hug him and love on him. I do not even fit any of my clothes so I have been wearing Noahs shorts and shirts, since he has dropped so low my clothes dont even fit, not even the maternity clothes, they cut into my tummy.I have a huge belly as you can see and its all baby. I have gained right at what they tell you to gain and have not gained any weight anywhere but my belly, with exception to the swollen feet, ankles and calfs. Noah and I have been walking 1-2 miles every night( which takes forever since I waddle not walk) so I have been staying in pretty good shape. It has been a nice work out for both of us and we hope to be able to keep it up once Landon is born, well once he is big enough to take out, a few weeks. Okay well I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that there is still no baby, since everyone keeps asking. :O)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So much has happened

So much has happened in the last few months since we have updated the blog. First of all, we got Las Vegas and moved here at the end of May. On the way here we saw some beautiful scenery and finally knew the meaning of "Painted Desert." We also were able to cross over the Hoover Dam on the way into the Las Vegas Valley. It was really neat, both of us had seen it in movies but never in real life, it was truly an awesome sight. Before we left we were able to have the military movers come and move us, that was stressful, but not nearly as stressful as it would have been if we had moved ourselves. When we got to Las Vegas we had to stay in temporary housing till they could get us a house on base. Since we only had a month and a half till the baby was due this was a rather scarey thing for us because we had no idea whether or not we would be in a house before he came or not.
When we finally got the call telling us we had a house it was wonderful. We got to choose between two different style houses. The first was very nice and we were shocked at the size, then the second one we looked at caught us by surprise, it was soooo big!!!! At least for us, it has three good size bedrooms and a huge kitchen, bigger then any we have had up till this point, which is really nice because I have so much room to cook and manuver. The dining room is also very large, we split it up into two seperate rooms, one for the dining room and one part for Aurie's craft/sewing area. And there is still plenty of room in there for whatever we want. We also have a very large back yard with a nice size porch. Noah was very excited about this because it meant we could finally buy a grill. He loves to grill out and any time I have chicken or beef on our menu he asks me if he can cook it out. :O) Its very cute!!!! He has also taken great pride in yard work, he loves to go out and water the yard (or rather play in the sprinkler)! Our yard needed some TLC, and it has been fun trying to get the grass to grow and the bushes to sprout blossoms, its an adventure all in itself.

A few days after we got moved into our house, I started to have contractions that were very close together. I was only 34 weeks so they had to be stopped. I was in the hospital most of the evening and they were trying everything to get them to stop, they thought I might have been dehydrated so they gave me an IV to rehydrate me, even though Noah and I both told them that I drank tuns of water. After about 3 hours, and having my contractions getting worse, right on top of each other, they decided that I was not dehydrated (well duh!!! hadnt we told them that 3 hours before) anyway, I was having such painful contractions that I was miserable and had tears running down my cheeks, finally they decided that they needed to give me some pain medicine, but since I am allergic to the most commonly used ones they had to go and do some research to find out what they could give me. They eventually gave me some morphine, which stopped the contractions and they sent me home, with strick orders to stay in bed. Well that was not what I wanted to hear, since we had just moved into our house there was still so much to do. Noah was a big help and took over the decorating, under my direction of course :O).
My mom decided to come down and help which has been nice. It makes it a lot easier for me to rest having her here helping with the house hold duties. We have been joking because now I am almost 39 weeks and Landon has still not made his grand apperance. We say that he is saying, I tried coming out at 34 weeks but you made me stay in there so now I am not coming out. :O) Some times it feels like he will never come out but I think thats just the uncomfortable me talking. Well now we are just hurring up and waiting, but I promise I will put pictures on here after Landon is born and I won't take as long to update it as I did this time.