Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well Noah graduates from Tech School on Friday, and we recently found out that he is the Distinguished Graduate for his class, which means he is the Number 1 guy for the class, and I am so proud of him. Being the "DG" means that he gets to pick his own base. They ask you for your top three picks, and we asked for Nellis AFB Las Vegas Nevada, Mountain Home AFB Idaho, and Eglin AFB Fort Walton Beach Flordia, and today we found out that we got Nellis AFB LAS VEGAS. YEAH!!!!! Noah said he did a little dance, and if he had not called me and woke me up at 7 am I would have done a dance then too. I told him that I was too pregnant and it was too early in the morning for him to be joking with me, and he just laughed and said "Well good thing Im not joking." We are very excited. He has not officially got his orders yet which means we cant request housing or movers yet, but just to know where we are going is nice. Especially since its where we want to be going. We should be reunited sometime in the next week or so, which we are both really looking forward to. When I hear more (soon I hope) I will let yall know.

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