Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Daddy and Mommy to be

Well here you go. This is me at about 23-24 weeks pregnant (I am almost 26 now). I have people at the store asking me how far along I am and when I tell them they are stunned, they all say I look a lot farther along then that. I feel like I look huge, even Noahs shirts are starting to get tight around my tummy :O). But yall be the judge of how big I am, seriously let me know what you think, because I am not used to having to judge a pregnant belly. I have only gained 13 pounds, which is a little less then usually by this time, and its all belly as Noah says. I feel like I have gained weight in my face too. But maybe thats just me! So there is me and Landon! He has gotten to where he moves a lot and I can see my belly just going up and down. I will watch him move from one side to the other and just see my whole belly shift. 105 days to go, thats if he is born on his due date. I cant wait to see him and hold him. Then I will have my two favorite men with me. :O)

I told Noah that I had to get a picture of this, or no one would believe me!!! He can iron, all by himself, and probably does a heck of a better job then I could ever do myself. People are always commenting him on his uniforms and how well dressed he is. People are also paying him to iron their uniforms for them, cause he is so good at it. He takes pride in making sure he looks his best. He has for as long as I have known him and its no different now. He is hoping to get the best dressed coin at their next "inspection" he almost got it last time, but another guy beat him out. He is doing all he can to make sure he gets it this time. I am so proud of him and how hard he is working and the pride he is taking in his job. He really enjoys what he is doing, and can't wait to come home and really get to work in the field and have home cooked meals :O). I think he looks as handsome as ever and since he is just so wonderful on top of that is makes him even handsomer (if thats even possible).


kalaj said...

heyhey you look so cute as a momma!! noah looks good too!!!!!! i love you and talk ot you later!kala

Paige said...

Girl, you are huge! I think I was about your size with Ayden when I was seven or eight months pregnant. And that last month, you seem to get massive! But Noah's right, it's all belly. And yes, there's a little in your face, but you're still absolutely beautiful! Take care of that nephew of mine!

Anonymous said...

Landon is amazing and I can not wait until we have a chance to meet. It will not be soon enough for us. You and Noah are both so beautiful how could Landon be anything but. May God continue to hold you all in his arms and bless you will great health, happiness and abundance -- anxiously awaiting my turn to hold you as well. So much love, always and forever.