Friday, April 21, 2006

3D/4D Pictures of Landon

Here are the pictures of Landon that we go taken today. The whole time I was in the waiting room he was moving all over the place and the lady next to me could see my stomach just a moving, then as soon as we get in to take the ultrasound he decided it was time to go to sleep and we kept having to wake him back up. He is just stuborn :O) Two of the pictures are obviously his profile and one of them he is sucking on his hand, it looks like he is trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth, too cute. He is just too cute! I think, and so does granny, that he looks just like Noah, he has Noahs lips and nose and big ole eyes like both of us. I also think he has my chin, one of the picture you can kind of see the little "butt" chin. I just think he is of course the cutest baby in the whole world and I can't wait till he is here. Only 12 more weeks if he is on time. :O)


Anonymous said...

i think thats totaly nasty but i still love him!!!! love you so much!!!!


BlueSkyRhoads said...

When I read how cute he was I thought you were crazy but of course I never got to have a 3D ultrasound but he REALLY is cute! I'm so excited for you!! Still waiting for our permanent duty assignment. I hope we'll be close to one another! Hope you got your care package! Give that little cutie-patutity a kiss for me! Any day now I bet!