Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ultrasound (so handsome)

Here are some pictures of our beautiful baby boy. We are naming him Landon Ross Jenkins. (Ross of course being Noahs middle name too) The picture at the bottom is the babies head. You can kind of see to the right of his head one of his little hands in a fist up by his mouth. The other hand is up by his ear and if you look close enough you can see his little fist and arm. At the middle of the right hand side you can see his leg bent and his little knee. The cord behind his head is of course the umbilical cord. :O) The other picture I think turned out great. You can see his big ole head with his sweet little nose (I think it looks just like Noahs nose.) and in the video we got made his lips are big and pouty like Noahs, you can kind of see how big they are in the picture too. Then you of course have his little neck and his spine and then the umbilical cord at his tummy, you can also see parts of his legs too on the bottom right hand side.
I am going to see Noah next weekend and I am going to take the video to him, so he can see his son for the first time. We got very good shots of his little wee wee on the video and great shots of the side and front of his face. He is a wiggle worm and would not quit moving. He was doing barrel rolls and throwing his arms out above his head and kicking out his feet and then pulling them back in. He is a very active little baby. The doctor said that both he and I are doing great and are right on track for where we should be. He weighs about 14 ounces which is 5 more then he weighed 2 weeks ago, he is is steadily growing. I am thrilled to have this little precious life growing inside of me, and Noah and I are both blessed with this amazing child and the opportunity to be parents and to raise this child (and hopefully more) and teach them and learn from them. I love this baby so much already and he is not even out of the womb yet. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love Noah, now I am carring our baby and I love it so much, but in such a different way.


moonie said...

hey aurie i love your blog and i have one too lalamae25

Proud GranMama said...

Hey Baby, The bottom picture looks like he's already trying to feed himself. He does have a huge head! It will make Uncle Micah proud.

Paige said...

He's so big!!! And you can definitely tell he's a boy! Lookin' good!