Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rock N' Roll Baby

I thought this was cute enough and funny enough that I thought I would share it with everyone. Well as most of you know, when the song Sweet Home Alabama comes on, I turn it up (just like the song says) and rock out. Well I have not since I have been pregnant, dont want to make the baby go deaf or anything:O). Well I recently bought the Forrest Gump soundtrack, because it has all my favorite oldies (but goodies) on it. I have been listening to it this morning while getting ready and straightening up and I figured all the moving was putting Landon to sleep because he had not really moved a ton yet. Well as soon Sweet Home Alabama came on he started to move all over the place, from the left to the middle to the right side of me, and kicking and rolling the whole time. I thought okay he is awake, and he likes these old songs. Well when the next song came on, he stopped moving. So I turned it back to Sweet Home Alabama and he started grooving again. Like mother like son!! He knows good music when he hears it. It cracked me up, I thought okay this boy has personality, and I know he can hear whats going on, at least the rhythm of it. Landon must like that guitar, so uncle Micah is going to have to perfect it, so he can play it for Landon. Plus I know that Micah has been working on Sweet Home Alabama anyway, so he will just have to play it for Landon sometime. :O)


Noah Jenkins said...

Hey Baby! I love this, it is so awesome, but how 'bout you put some more pictures of you on there cause I do get to see you enough. You did an amazing job with this and it is such a cool idea.

Hey Everybody! I miss everyone and can't wait to see you all! Love Noah;]

moonie said...

hey i think that is so cool thaty landon likes that song because i love it too!! i cant wait to meet him!! love ya so much kala

shanahan said...

Hey Aurie, I figured it'd be neat for me to have this since the phone is so freakin expensive! Can't wait to talk to you next, I'll try to keep up with the blogs as much as possible!
love you girl
what a handsome baby!!