Saturday, March 11, 2006

Handsome man pictures

When I went to visit Noah in San Antonio, TX for his basic training graduation (where he graduated with Honors, YEAH!!!!) we had the opportunity to go to The wax museum, Ripleys Believe it or Not, and The Alamo. The top picture of of the ever so handsome Noah in his dress blues standing next to a statue of the worlds tallest man. And we thought Noah was huge!!!
This is a picture Noah (of course) again in his dress blues (which I think he is very good looking in) next to a beautiful greekish looking fountain inside the gates of the Alamo.
Again, Noah next to Indiana Jones wax statue at the wax museum. I really don't think there is any comparison though, Noah is definitely WAY better looking. Now don't get me wrong Indiana Jones is good looking, just not as good looking as Noah. And they both have on their work attire, both "serving" and protecting, :O) but in a little different way. I think its funny that forever Noah was/is so worried about going bald, like to the point that he quit wearing hats. And now he shaves his head for his job. So in the end he has no hair anyway, but I think he is totally good looking with out hair, and with hair too, so he really had nothing to worry about.

This is a more recent picture, its from when I went to visit him towards the middle of February. I went down with two other girls whose husbands are at school with Noah. One of them is LDS like Noah and I, and they have a little baby girl. The weather while we were there was not very pretty. It was always overcast and chilly, of course right after we left it shot up to mid 70's low 80's, go figure. There was one semi warm day and so we decided to cook out. Steaks, sausage, and baked potatoes. The men were doing their "manly" things and lighting up the grills to cook to food, which took them longer then it should have :O) but we could of course not interrupt their manly duties and help the process along. So we just stood by waiting for the food. It was very fun actually and nice to be around other young couples who like us have their whole lives ahead of them. It was nice to be around them and to hear what there plans for their futures in the Air Force were. I am beginning to love being an Air Force wife, it has its down-falls, like Noah being gone, but they really do take care of us, and its a nice community of people who are doing the same thing we are. It is wonderful that Noah enjoys what he is doing and that he has found a job that he is proud of doing and that he is working hard in class and on his own to learn as much as he can and to be the best at what he does. I read on some web site that "air traffic controllers are the best of the best of the air force, and that they are not to modest to admit it," well that is Noah and it makes me very proud to be his wife.

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Paige said...

Oh my gosh, girl, Noah looks so handsome! Love those men in uniforms, huh? Now both of us have military men! ;) I'm trying to get my re-enlistment code changed so I can go into the Air Force. I want to go in as a linguist. I miss DLI so much! And, my sisters are wanting to go in, too. So, hopefully, I can convince one of them to go in with me. It would be awesome to get to go to basic with one of my sisters. Love ya, sis! And give that gorgeous man a hug from me!