Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Entry

Well this is the first entry into The Jenkins Family blog, where do I even begin. So much has been happening in our lives lately that I figured if I created a place where I could just write it down once then I could share it with everyone and no one would feel like they were out of the loop, per say.

As of November 2oth 2005 Noah was well on his way to being a true blue military man. He is now in his Tech School in Biloxi, Mississippi where he is learning to be an Air Traffic Controller. We recently found out that he will being doing Radar for the military, but that in 2 years he will be certified and then will have to be trained and certified into Tower as well, so he will have both areas of A.T.C. under his belt and will be prepared for whatever comes his/our way. He loves what he is doing and can not stop talking about everything he is learning. It is very exciting to hear him talk and to hear about all the things he has been doing because you can really tell that his heart is in this job and that he is truly happy with his career choice. I could not be happier knowing that he is happy and is enjoying what he is doing. His set date for graduation from Tech School, provided he passes all his tests, is April 28th. And from there WE (yeah finally we will be back together after almost 6 months apart) will be headed to....who knows where, where ever the military sees fit to send us. We will hopefully know by the end of the month.

I am in my 22nd week of pregnancy and fixing to start my 6th month. It has so far been a very thrilling experience and I hate that Noah only get to hear about it over the phone, but we are very blessed and very thankful for this baby. For the past few weeks I have been able to feel the baby moving inside of me, rolling around, kicking, doing jumping jacks, what have you, but the other day for the first time, I could see him moving. Yes I said him, the doctor says he is 1000 percent boy. I go for my next ultrasound next week and for Kurts sake, as well as you other non believers :O) I am going to make sure we get a picture of its little wee wee. Anyway I could feel him moving up a storm so I looked down and could see him moving, so I put my hand there and he just kept kicking it non stop. I started crying, yeah I know im a big baby, but it was just so amazing, its an incredible feeling having such a precious life growing inside of me but to actually see it and feel the outline of it with my hand was so truly wonderful. He is long like his daddy, but skinny as a whip, probably because he does not quit moving, again just like his daddy. Whenever Noah calls I put the phone on speakerphone and put it on my tummy so that the baby will know mine and Noahs voices and very time, he starts kicking like crazy. I thought maybe is was just another voice but I tried it with a few other people and he did not move, so he knows his daddies voice and gets excited, I don't blame him, its a very soothing, yet powerful and full of love voice.

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emma said...

that's so beautiful! i'm so happy and excited for you guys. i await the day when i get to see you both again.
love you,