Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I figured I would let you guys know that I have figured out how to change it so you dont have to be a registered "blogger" to post comments. I did not realize that you could change it!! So now anyone can post a comment. YEAH!! Also I am going to see Noah tommorow and spend the weekend with him, so hopefully when I return I will have more pictures to post, and if we are lucky I will try and get someone to take one of us and maybe ya'll can see my pregnant belly! So be looking for more pictures and comments next week when I get back.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rock N' Roll Baby

I thought this was cute enough and funny enough that I thought I would share it with everyone. Well as most of you know, when the song Sweet Home Alabama comes on, I turn it up (just like the song says) and rock out. Well I have not since I have been pregnant, dont want to make the baby go deaf or anything:O). Well I recently bought the Forrest Gump soundtrack, because it has all my favorite oldies (but goodies) on it. I have been listening to it this morning while getting ready and straightening up and I figured all the moving was putting Landon to sleep because he had not really moved a ton yet. Well as soon Sweet Home Alabama came on he started to move all over the place, from the left to the middle to the right side of me, and kicking and rolling the whole time. I thought okay he is awake, and he likes these old songs. Well when the next song came on, he stopped moving. So I turned it back to Sweet Home Alabama and he started grooving again. Like mother like son!! He knows good music when he hears it. It cracked me up, I thought okay this boy has personality, and I know he can hear whats going on, at least the rhythm of it. Landon must like that guitar, so uncle Micah is going to have to perfect it, so he can play it for Landon. Plus I know that Micah has been working on Sweet Home Alabama anyway, so he will just have to play it for Landon sometime. :O)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ultrasound (so handsome)

Here are some pictures of our beautiful baby boy. We are naming him Landon Ross Jenkins. (Ross of course being Noahs middle name too) The picture at the bottom is the babies head. You can kind of see to the right of his head one of his little hands in a fist up by his mouth. The other hand is up by his ear and if you look close enough you can see his little fist and arm. At the middle of the right hand side you can see his leg bent and his little knee. The cord behind his head is of course the umbilical cord. :O) The other picture I think turned out great. You can see his big ole head with his sweet little nose (I think it looks just like Noahs nose.) and in the video we got made his lips are big and pouty like Noahs, you can kind of see how big they are in the picture too. Then you of course have his little neck and his spine and then the umbilical cord at his tummy, you can also see parts of his legs too on the bottom right hand side.
I am going to see Noah next weekend and I am going to take the video to him, so he can see his son for the first time. We got very good shots of his little wee wee on the video and great shots of the side and front of his face. He is a wiggle worm and would not quit moving. He was doing barrel rolls and throwing his arms out above his head and kicking out his feet and then pulling them back in. He is a very active little baby. The doctor said that both he and I are doing great and are right on track for where we should be. He weighs about 14 ounces which is 5 more then he weighed 2 weeks ago, he is is steadily growing. I am thrilled to have this little precious life growing inside of me, and Noah and I are both blessed with this amazing child and the opportunity to be parents and to raise this child (and hopefully more) and teach them and learn from them. I love this baby so much already and he is not even out of the womb yet. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love Noah, now I am carring our baby and I love it so much, but in such a different way.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Handsome man pictures

When I went to visit Noah in San Antonio, TX for his basic training graduation (where he graduated with Honors, YEAH!!!!) we had the opportunity to go to The wax museum, Ripleys Believe it or Not, and The Alamo. The top picture of of the ever so handsome Noah in his dress blues standing next to a statue of the worlds tallest man. And we thought Noah was huge!!!
This is a picture Noah (of course) again in his dress blues (which I think he is very good looking in) next to a beautiful greekish looking fountain inside the gates of the Alamo.
Again, Noah next to Indiana Jones wax statue at the wax museum. I really don't think there is any comparison though, Noah is definitely WAY better looking. Now don't get me wrong Indiana Jones is good looking, just not as good looking as Noah. And they both have on their work attire, both "serving" and protecting, :O) but in a little different way. I think its funny that forever Noah was/is so worried about going bald, like to the point that he quit wearing hats. And now he shaves his head for his job. So in the end he has no hair anyway, but I think he is totally good looking with out hair, and with hair too, so he really had nothing to worry about.

This is a more recent picture, its from when I went to visit him towards the middle of February. I went down with two other girls whose husbands are at school with Noah. One of them is LDS like Noah and I, and they have a little baby girl. The weather while we were there was not very pretty. It was always overcast and chilly, of course right after we left it shot up to mid 70's low 80's, go figure. There was one semi warm day and so we decided to cook out. Steaks, sausage, and baked potatoes. The men were doing their "manly" things and lighting up the grills to cook to food, which took them longer then it should have :O) but we could of course not interrupt their manly duties and help the process along. So we just stood by waiting for the food. It was very fun actually and nice to be around other young couples who like us have their whole lives ahead of them. It was nice to be around them and to hear what there plans for their futures in the Air Force were. I am beginning to love being an Air Force wife, it has its down-falls, like Noah being gone, but they really do take care of us, and its a nice community of people who are doing the same thing we are. It is wonderful that Noah enjoys what he is doing and that he has found a job that he is proud of doing and that he is working hard in class and on his own to learn as much as he can and to be the best at what he does. I read on some web site that "air traffic controllers are the best of the best of the air force, and that they are not to modest to admit it," well that is Noah and it makes me very proud to be his wife.

Gulf Coast Pictures

Well I finally got the pictures back from when I went to visit Noah last month in Biloxi, MS. It was wonderful to be able to see him and spend time with him. We got the opportunity to drive around and look at the horrible destruction caused by hurricane Katrina 6 months ago. It was a humbling experience to see what little these people have left and to see what really happened there. You hear about it on the news but seeing it first hand was something else.
The top left hand two pictures are both of apartment complexes that have basically nothing left. The top of the two however still has people living in it and trying to survive on what little is left. In the bottom one we saw a TV that was sitting on a shelf built into the wall but there was no floor or ceiling. The bottom left hand picture is just one of the many resturants along the coast that was completely taken out by the flooding and wind. All that was left of this IHOP was the sign. A rather haunting memory of what used to be. The two right hand pictures are of two homes that were devestated by the hurricanes. The first one was I am sure at one time a beautiful Antebellum home, but now its completely missing the inside of it. There was a grandfather clock and a mirror sitting on what little floor was left with no ceiling or walls surrounding it. The bottom one was rather sombering with the American flag flying half mast out front. A reminder that unforseen battles are being fought in our home land. The picture on the bottom right is of a Casino that used to be over the ocean. It was a hotel/casino that looked like a pirate ship. The water and winds carried it 1/4th of a mile inland and it had to be moved back to the beach.
These are just a few examples of what they are struggling with on the coast. Noah said when he first got there that there was just a certain smell in the area. When I got there I noticed the same smell, it was almost like death and the ocean combined. Its going to take a long time to get the area cleaned up and put back together. I imagine that at one time it was a truely beautiful place to visit. Amazingly the base Noah is one, which is only like a mile from the beach was not harmed to badly and has been put back together rather well. Being on the base you would not know what the city outside its gates held.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Noahs Address

I figured I should probably give all of ya'll Noahs address at Tech School, so if you felt like sending him anything you would be able too. I am sure he would absolutely love to hear from everybody and know how everyone is doing as well.

140 Phantom St- Box#13664
Keesler AFB, MS 39534

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Noah and Me

This is me and Noah before he left for basic. Now he has no hair literally, on his face or on his head, but he is still handsome as ever.

First Entry

Well this is the first entry into The Jenkins Family blog, where do I even begin. So much has been happening in our lives lately that I figured if I created a place where I could just write it down once then I could share it with everyone and no one would feel like they were out of the loop, per say.

As of November 2oth 2005 Noah was well on his way to being a true blue military man. He is now in his Tech School in Biloxi, Mississippi where he is learning to be an Air Traffic Controller. We recently found out that he will being doing Radar for the military, but that in 2 years he will be certified and then will have to be trained and certified into Tower as well, so he will have both areas of A.T.C. under his belt and will be prepared for whatever comes his/our way. He loves what he is doing and can not stop talking about everything he is learning. It is very exciting to hear him talk and to hear about all the things he has been doing because you can really tell that his heart is in this job and that he is truly happy with his career choice. I could not be happier knowing that he is happy and is enjoying what he is doing. His set date for graduation from Tech School, provided he passes all his tests, is April 28th. And from there WE (yeah finally we will be back together after almost 6 months apart) will be headed to....who knows where, where ever the military sees fit to send us. We will hopefully know by the end of the month.

I am in my 22nd week of pregnancy and fixing to start my 6th month. It has so far been a very thrilling experience and I hate that Noah only get to hear about it over the phone, but we are very blessed and very thankful for this baby. For the past few weeks I have been able to feel the baby moving inside of me, rolling around, kicking, doing jumping jacks, what have you, but the other day for the first time, I could see him moving. Yes I said him, the doctor says he is 1000 percent boy. I go for my next ultrasound next week and for Kurts sake, as well as you other non believers :O) I am going to make sure we get a picture of its little wee wee. Anyway I could feel him moving up a storm so I looked down and could see him moving, so I put my hand there and he just kept kicking it non stop. I started crying, yeah I know im a big baby, but it was just so amazing, its an incredible feeling having such a precious life growing inside of me but to actually see it and feel the outline of it with my hand was so truly wonderful. He is long like his daddy, but skinny as a whip, probably because he does not quit moving, again just like his daddy. Whenever Noah calls I put the phone on speakerphone and put it on my tummy so that the baby will know mine and Noahs voices and very time, he starts kicking like crazy. I thought maybe is was just another voice but I tried it with a few other people and he did not move, so he knows his daddies voice and gets excited, I don't blame him, its a very soothing, yet powerful and full of love voice.